How to easily create your own profiles for HP Latex 500 series

This document provides information about how to generate a media preset using only the printer and the internal spectrophotometer and how to reuse media presets from other HP Latex printers – HP Latex 100, 300, 3000 and 1500 series.HP_LatexKnowledgeCenter_HP500Profiles.png



HP Latex 500 as universal color emulator to every HP Latex generation 3 printers

With the launch of the HP Latex 500 series printer, HP also introduced the first printers that are capable of automatically emulating the color of every HP Latex generation 3 printer.



Reaching more vivid colors HP Latex Printer

This article aims to give some Tips & Tricks in order to increase reds and reach more vivid colors enlarging your printer Color Gamut.

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HP Latex 500 Printer Series Quick Guide

We present the new HP Latex 500 Quick Guide: the tool you want to have handy whenever you need help with you HP Latex 500 series printer. This online tool goes thru the main tasks that you can carry out with the printer and also describes the most common problems that you can encounter, and how to address them. And as it is online, it is always up to date!


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