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Maximun duty cycle Latex 570 and estimated devaluation

I have check the user guide and it says that the maximun duty cycle is 3.500m2 (35.000ft2) per month (month of 24 working days-24 hours a day) and the average monthly volume is 800m2 (8.000ft2)


I have been doing a lot of research and I can't find any information about for how long will last the printer if I used it according to these specifications. (How many years it will be able to print in optimal contidions and with good quality)


Also I cant find any information about how much is the percent of estimated devaluation per year? For example If I estimated that I will used it for 5 years, how do I know how much will it cost in 5 years?


Thanks to anyone who can help me with it. 


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