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HP Latex 560 Can't Calibrate Backlit and Textile Medias

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I just got a Latex 560 and I can only find one media I can use for backlits and textiles that that will allow me to Calibrate and create an ICC but it's ink limit only goes to 185 (Generic Self Adhesive Vivid)


I need a media that I can Calibrate and create an ICC that will allow me to go over 200, hopefully 230 or 260.


HP Support says it can't be done and these profiles are made in Spain.


I was used to simply checkingturning the High Ink Level for my L26500 and I got amazing backlits. Now every 560 Backlit or textile profile has way too much magenta in it and not enough yellow, so all my greys come out purple. Does anybody have a good backlit or textile media that has decent colors or has the ability to Calibrate and create an ICC? See attached picture.


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