HP Latex 3600 wins SGIA Product of the Year award



SGIA's Product of the Year competition showcases digital imaging products that keep the specialty imaging industry moving forward. Product of the Year winners have benefited from worldwide recognition and the ability to market their product as a winner of this prestigious competition.

Tiling Uniformity mask vs. Color Balance mask

The new firmware for the HP Latex 3x00 Printer Series includes a new type of mask named Tiling Uniformity mask. Moreover, the “Large Mask” has been renamed to Color Balance (Large) mask.


Tiling mode

The latest firmware for the HP Latex 3x00 printer series includes a Tiling mode to get the best possible consistency on tiling applications.

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Double-sided Day Night Kit for HP Latex 3000 Printer Series

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From city-light posters to store signs, there is a wide range of outdoor applications that can be placed in lightboxes. This way, they can be effective regardless of the time of the day. 


The new HP Latex 3200 & 3600 Printers. Robust power.

The new HP Latex 3000 Printer series has been internally re-engineered to be more robust.




The 3.2 meter HP Latex 3600 and HP Latex 3200 printers have been upgraded for high-volume printing and support an improved monthly duty cycle. The HP Latex 3200 Printer is a great fit for large PSPs to produce a wide range of applications with high productivity, in high quality for retail/outdoor advertising, events/exhibitions, vehicle graphics, and interior décor. The HP Latex 3600 is designed for even larger PSPs needing long-run, uninterrupted printing. It can handle production peaks of up to 35,000 square meters per month and is ideal for dedicated application production, such as banners, backlits, wallcoverings, retail or event signage.



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HP Latex 3000 User Makes the Workplace Safer with Partner Lifter

The popularity and success of HP 1500 and 3000 series latex printers means that sign makers and display shops find themselves handling rolls of print media far more often than in the past.

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Good performance under any light with the Double-sided Day Night Kit

As you know, backlits look great at night, but during the day when the light is switched off, images can look over-saturated and lose some of their visual impact. By printing double-sided, you will ensure optimal color saturation when both front-lit and back-lit. DSDN kits are available for the HP Latex 1500 printer and the 3000 series as well.

Latex 3000 Printer Series Site Preparation Guide

In the HP Latex 3000 Printer Site Preparation Guide you will be able to find all the information you need before acquiring an HP Latex 3000 Printer, form the recommended assembly area to any electrical installation requirement. If you are not able to find your answers in it, we recommend you to ask it to the HP Latex community in the HP Latex 800 & 3000 Series Discussion Board of the forum.

Environmental certifications and eco-labels overview

HP Latex Technology has fundamentally changed the environmental profile of signage printing. With an end-to end approach, HP continues to set the standard for more sustainable large-format printing.


Recognized as one of the most sustainable companies in the world, HP has the commitment and the scale to address current—as well as anticipated—environmental requirements, and to continue leading the change in signage printing. By working closely with our partners and customers, and closely managing each component of the printing system (printer, inks, and printheads), we can design and deliver products that provide an end-to-end large-format printing solution that’s better overall,


In this article you will be able to find the list and description of all the environmental certifications and eco-labels of the HP Latex 300 series.

Double-sided Applications Printed with the HP Latex 3000 Printer Series

This short video will show you the steps involved to print double-sided with the HP Latex 3000, and the applications you can create with it.


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