Tiling mode

When using this mode, the printer activates specific processes, as well as higher printhead temperatures, to ensure stable conditions along the full job.

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The tiling mode:


  • Creates a new media structure, based on existing ones, with tiling specific optimizations.
  • Reduces color variations during long printing to maximum color difference ≤ 1 dE2000 (95% of color)
  • Includes a workflow to create media optimized for tiling based on customer media.
  • Optionally, adds a preparation plot and color bars to ensure system stability during long runs.
  • Is a printer to printer color consistency solution.
  • Does not modify existing print modes or media.
  • Supports the following print modes:
    • 8 pass 70% - 120%
    • 10 pass 70% - 150%
    • 14 pass 70% - 150%

If you want to know how to optimize a media for tiling, please download the article below.

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