How to Use Output Platen Covers


Timothy Mitchell, HP Latex application specialist, shares how to use output platen covers on HP Latex 330, 360 and 370 printers.

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HP Latex 300 series vs HP Latex 500 series, what are the main differences?

What is the difference in speed between the HP Latex 365 and the HP Latex 560? What is the  weight than can loaded into the HP Latex 300 series vs the HP Latex 500 series? If you have questions about the main differences between the HP Latex 300 series vs the HP Latex 500 series here you have a clear graphic which compares both printer series.


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Color matching between an HP Latex 300 Series printer and an HP Latex 3000 Series printer



There are some end-users with work environments comprised of multiple platforms running HP Latex ink. In that instance, a common question surrounds how to create, use and share profiles from one device to another.  

This article will help clarify that subject, and get you started on the path to success.

Reaching more vivid colors in a HP Latex Printer

This document aims to give some Tips & Tricks in order to increase reds and reach more vivid colors enlarging your printer Color Gamut.

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HP Upgrades Market-leading HP Latex 300 Series

Latex 315-335-365_710 X 275.png

Today at SGIA Expo, HP Inc. unveiled the new HP Latex 300 Printer series, introducing key versatility and productivity advancements to the No. 1 platform in its category. The new HP Latex 315, 335 and 365 Printers help a range of customers, from small sign and copy shops to high-capacity print service providers (PSPs), gain affordable access to sign and display market opportunities across more indoor and outdoor applications.

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HP Latex 300 Printer series Ink Density

Ink Density.jpg


During the last weeks we’ve seen a lot of comments and questions about the ink density of the HP Latex 300 Printer series, not only here in the HP Latex Knowledge Center, but also in other online communities.


For this reason we've create this article in order to try to help you understanding the ink density limits of the HP latex 300 Printer series and how to increase the limit in case is necessary.

New RIPs Videos for the HP Latex 300 Series Printers



This week we have uploaded a bunch of videos about how the different RIPs work with our HP Latex 300 Series Printers.


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