How to print colored traffic signage on HP Latex 360 and 365 printers

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Now it is possible to print regulated colored Traffic Sings using HP Latex Digital Printing technology and 3M reflective media with the peace of mind of the 3M MCS warranty. Digital printing help signs producers overcome the numerous limitations of traditional production methods; cutting costs and reducing turn-around times.


This cookbook provides all necessary information to successfully produce prints that meet the ASTM regulation for Traffic Signage.

by Karim_hassan1

is the warranty works if i print on HP Latex 335 and can i even print on it???




3M MCS warranty only applies to the HP Latex 360 and HP Latex 365 printers.

You may be able to print with an HP Latex 335 but the Color Accuracy (meeting the ASTM regulations) is not ensured. The printing settings are designed for the HP Latex 360/365 series specifically.


We recommend you to contact your local 3M distributor before fulfilling this application.


You can print unregulated signs with any HP Latex 3XX series printer using the corresponding media profiles (mentioned in the document) available in the Media Locator: 

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