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Sizing Issues

I am having some problems with my Latex 360 printing out files at the wrong size. I printed a file that was 1435mm H x 860mm W and the length was quite off about 7 mm shorter top and bottom of the print to be exact. The width is fine as always.


I have come across this problem before in the past but it has only been out by a few millimeters now its out by a considerable amount and ruining prints.


I have Production server 9 and am currently updating my firmware right now  to the latest update.


if any one could shed some information on the issue i would greatly appreicate it.


Thank you

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Re: Sizing Issues

Hello @hesso93

As I do not know the media on which you are printing, I cannot tell you if it is inside or outside specifications applied on the media. Hence, I can recommend:


- Ensure that you are with the latest version of FW and RIP driver.

- Ensure that you are using the correct profile for your material (downloaded from the Media Solutions Locator or the Media Library directly from the Front Panel)

- Check the UG (page 83). You may need to adjust the image in the RIP as the last paragraph says:



- Try to make all prints thermally stable. I mean make a "pre-warm" of the printer so, all jobs are printed under similar conditions. Since normally the first jobs are printed in "colder" conditions compared to the second, third ...


Finally, we will recommend material posted on our YouTube channel, which I find very useful:Get better results with HP Latex. Deformed substrate.


Please let me know if you need further assistance


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