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Panel lengths vary, Images don't line up Latex 360

Hi there. I've been printing wall covering panels for a few years now on my Latex 360. I use HP PVC Free Durable Suede exclusively now and have never had any issues until now. When I print panels, I flip every other one. I usually only send 4 - 5 panels at once. I load the tension bar before I start printing. If you line two of the panels up at the bottom they match but as you go up the panels, one of the panels begins to "grow" and by the time you get to the top, the image is misaligned and the one panel is about half an inch longer that the other one. This problem first started about a month ago. I haven't changed how I run prints. I've been on forums trying to get suggestions of what to try. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Re: Panel lengths vary, Images don't line up Latex 360

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