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Optimiser issue

HP l360 

Having issues with wide range of media. I have "wet " spots on my prints happens at random. and when it starts it doesnt stop on that media.


Have a spot of oil like on the print, and when lightly rubbed the print scratches off.

This issue is happening on wide range of media from the supe expensive to the cost effective. Using the right profiles and settings. and it doesnt happen always.

I printed about 15M of poster on that media no issues then all the sudden it started to happen. and after 6 reprints I finally gave up. all inks wasted plus material and most important time.

Support is next to none for these issues. 

This printer is proven to be a "wrong buy" each day, silly issues that no one seem to be willing to resolve.

These issues will make us think twice before buying any HP products again, specially when we spent over 120k for this brand last year.




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Re: Optimiser issue

Hello @EZFX

Can you share some pictures? So it will be easier to give you an appropriate answer.


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