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L330 - Fogging up of Room when using Scrim Banner

Hi All, 

This is a first for me. I hope someone has some insight into this.


The client called me and said that his print shop (small store front type)

fogs up when the HP DJ L330 is running, printing on Scrim Banner.

He's had the unit for about a month - I think this is the 1st long run. .

4ft x 20ft banner and they had to open the door to help cleaer the air


No Odor, No burning smell, no smoke - just windows and air fogging up.


We believe that the temp. might be too high and there is some media coating burn off. NOT sure???


Has anyone else seen this?


Roy K

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Re: L330 - Fogging up of Room when using Scrim Banner

Hello @Roy_Kuzmich

It could be a temperature problem, and the air fogging up could be vapor. You can suggest this post :Latex 300 Printer Series Site Preparation Guide it will help your client to understand better how to set up the the work site.


However, maybe your client is using an OMS which uses a huge amount of ink and works faster than the expected, then all those factors join it might cause an aggressive impact into the environment, therefore Vapors.

Our recommendations are trying to modify the OMS (reducing ink density, reducing the curing temperature, increasing the delay between passes…)


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