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Hp 360 Latex Printing Issue Color Not Corrrect

Hi. I am pretty new to the HP 360 printer. I have been printing a certain color (kelly Green) for some projects and today the printer produces a completely different color. I have not changed any settings and have auto cleaned the print heads using the printer. I'm not sure why it won't print correctly but won't. I have looked into it a bit and believe it maybe a printhead issue. All my printheads are new within a month and I don't believe I should be having this problem. The green  is much ligher than it should be. Please Help.

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Re: Hp 360 Latex Printing Issue Color Not Corrrect

Hello @gcogswell

My suggestion will the follow:

  • Check if cartridges are not expired
  • Make a color calibration and ICC profile from the RIP
  • If the issue is still there, then call your technical support. They will be able to see in person what is the exact issue.

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