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HP Latex 360 keeps defaulting to auto cut

Hello all,


Where I work we often use the take-up reel on the HP Latex 360. We send jobs throughout the day and basically collect them on the reel. Lately the printer has been randomly deciding to auto cut between jobs being printed. The biggest issue with this is we don't have a basket to catch them and they often get wrinkled/dirty when landing on the floor. 1: How do you check or uncheck auto cut and 2: Why does it continue to randomly cycle between the two? Any feedback would be appreciated. 

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Re: HP Latex 360 keeps defaulting to auto cut

Hello @topher82

I would like to know before giving you any recomendation if the job is cut after printed or on the middle of the job? 


Have you check all settings on the RIP before send any job, this could be a cause as well.


Let me know so I can give you futher advice


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