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HP Latex 310 loading problem

I love my new HP Latex 310. After over a year of problems with a Mimaki. The ONLY problem I have now with the HP310 is when we load our Oracal 3951RA or Oracal 3651RA vinyl. The vinyl rolls off the backing paper and sticks to the pinch wheels and binds up. This happens in either manual or power loading. The only thing that works is to masking tape the vinyl leading edge to prevent lifting.

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Re: HP Latex 310 loading problem

Hi, is your leading edge 100% straight or is it "hand cut" and somewhat crooked on these vinyls ?


I haven't had that experience yet although it happens from time to time on the older generations as well.


I believe it is related to the RA in these vinyls.  They make the vinyl easier to detach from the liner and cause this problem you're talking about.


I believe a "fresh" cut is better than an older one.  When the vinyl has been sitting for a while, it already develops somewhat of a tiny lift from the backer, making the issue worse.


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Re: HP Latex 310 loading problem

If I have problems with loading media, I will cut the front edge of the media lightly slanted from the middle to the left and right (like an arrow). This don't help everytime, but often.

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Re: HP Latex 310 loading problem



i have printer latex 310 

my problem in size poster 

the poster printed shorter than desine

for exam : if I print poster size linghth 200

after print 198 or 199 or 197.6

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Re: HP Latex 310 loading problem

Hello @MAJD


There are some points and suggestions/recommendations for this behavior:

  • The temperature of the print mode is too high (It can be customized by the user), my suggestion is to decrease this temperature and test.
  • Extra tension due Take Up Reel. Try to avoid using this accessory and see the result (if it is being used).
  • The substrate used has not been certificated by HP and it's probably easy to be deformed. Check if the substrate is supported at the Latex Media Solution Locator 
  • The Substrate Advance Sensor (OMAS) is not working properly. Suggest to clean it.
  • Check the page 83 of the User Guide to check if the customer's workflow is on specs. Also follow all recommendations there.

If the previous suggestions didn't help, next step would be to call your HP Support Service.

I hope this information helps

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Re: HP Latex 310 loading problem

thanks you sonia 



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