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370 Large ink empty!

We have a 360 with the bulk ink upgrade (370). The other day the message Large ink Empty popped up on the front panel when there is still about 75% ink in the 3 Liter box. I called HP and they sent out a replacement box of ink in the hopes that the problem was with the chip on the ink box. After installing the new ink the sceen showed the box was full and the ink pumped kicked on. I walked out of the room and when I came back the sceen showed Large ink Empty on our brand new ink box. Has anyone had this problem? I am still able to print as I labeled the OP intermediate tank as non refillable and am not using the Large ink box. Any help would be appretiated.

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Re: 370 Large ink empty!

Hello @Latigo

It is difficult to give a good advise from here. I recommend to ask your support services.




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