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Insights on the present and future of digital printing, from HP Indigo customers, partners and business leaders.

We are in your everyday life

You’ve surely heard of HP Indigo, but do you know what we do? With focus on the Labels & Packaging and Commercial market segments, our cutting-edge digital printing technology is behind many of the products on supermarket shelves and the items you use daily. Each and every day, our customers create millions of unique labels, books, cards, photobooks, packages, and more. We develop the technology that printed the ice cream tub you ate last night while watching a movie. We are behind the pouch of Lays potato chips and the label wrapped around the bottle of Coca-Cola. Our technology is behind the book you read your children every night and the photobook of your wedding.



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Let's talk about White - ElectroInk White

White ink - one that performs well, has the opactity you need withuot the added thickness, and is relevant for the type of applications you need, requires expertise. Meet the new White ElectroInk portfolio for L&P. 



On milestones - looking back and into the future

A guest post by Alon Bar-Shany, looking back a year after the announcement of drupa portfolio, and into some of the achievements since.


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Innovation in Motion: The HP Indigo Tech Fair, a year later

One year has passed since the debut of the HP Indigo Technology Fair, and a new edition is making its debut at Dscoop Phoenix this week. See what's new!

tech fair.jpg

Looking back, looking forward

What made the year 2016 so unique, and how we are planning to make even a bigger impact in 2017?  Let's consult the ever-growing highlights of our history. 



Reinvent unique this holiday season with HP SmartStream Mosaic

This holiday season, we’re inviting our social media followers to help us spread holiday cheer and decorate their social media profiles with a totally unique, customized cover image created just for them using HP Indigo’s SmartStream Mosaic software.  Join us to get your own and reinvent your holiday celebrations on social media.

Mosaic Made for Me Examples.jpg

Ganging up to change the economics of print

Guest blogger Lior Krasnovsky looks at how multi-lane ganging – a new capability of the HP Indigo 20000 digital press– has the potential to turn a mainstay of digital printing economics on its head.



Getting over the Web to Print Hump for B2B

Web-to-print (W2P) is now mainstream for many consumer print applications, but it hasn’t caught on nearly so well for business printing. Guest blogger Gershon Alon considers why this is so, and offers a way around it.

Printed Sample_016.jpg

The cloud: a democratizing platform for printing business technology


With a cloud-based print production platform, companies can access otherwise unaffordable technology. Guest blogger Gershon Alon looks at how the HP PrintOS platform, and in particular PrintOS Site Flow, brings big technology into the reach of any print business, even small ones.


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What's your Prepress Productivity Score (and how can it save you money?)

Learn more about how the simple measurement of Prepress Productivity can help you discover a great deal about your business, and particularly, and how it can help you save money.



The (entire) book as a blank canvas: Edge Printing

What if you could easily use the entire book - spine and sides included - as a canvas? With the new Edge printing feature inside HP SmartStream Designer - it's never been easier. 


Libro 1-4.jpg


drupa 2016: Thank You from Hall 17

In our final edition of The Buzz From Hall 17, we thank all the attendees, partners, employees and organizers who helped make HP's Hall 17 such a wild success. We also report on a landmark deal, recap some of the show's biggest news and share our favorite pictures from drupa 2016. Enjoy!


The Buzz From Hall 17 - drupa final day teaser image.JPG

The market unfolds for digital folding cartons production and the greatest print demo at drupa

In the drupa Day 10 edition of The Buzz From Hall 17, we look at the digitization of the folding carton market with a report on double-digit sales for the HP Indigo 30000 at drupa. We also write a technology column on the HP Indigo 50000 B1 colour web press for high quality, high volume production, share a limited-edition packaging story from Asahi, look at the live demo challenge that is undertaken at the HP Indigo Theater live show every day, and meet a variety of HP customers. Read the whole edition here!


The Buzz From Hall 17 - drupa day 10_Page_4 __teaser image.JPG

Working with brands and making packaging history at drupa 2016

In today's Buzz from Hall 17, we report on how major brands are using HP digital printing today, illustrate how HP Indigo Pack Ready is making packaging history at drupa 2016, look into the future of LEP technology and share a personal perspective from Gary Peeling, CEO of Precision Printing in the UK and Global head of Dscoop. Read the full edition here.


The Buzz From Hall 17 - drupa Day 9_teaser.JPG

Celebrating partnership, digital combination printing and drupa's digital tipping point on day 8

In The Buzz from Hall 17 on Day 8 at drupa 2016, we celebrate a long-standing customer relationship with photo specialty leader Shutterfly. We feature two technology columns, one on HP Indigo Digital Combination printing, and the other on HP SmartStream Mosaic for mass customization. HP's Simon Lewis, business director for HP PrintOS, pens a column on drupa's digital tipping point, and we feature a variety of unique customer growth and applications stories. Read it all here. 


The Buzz From Hall 17 - drupa Day 8 teaser image.JPG

Strategic collaboration with Smurfit Kappa and reinventing print production on drupa day 7

In today's edition of the drupa 2016 Buzz From Hall 17, we share big news in corrugated digital production: HP and Smurfit Kappa have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement further develop the HP PageWide C500 Press digital corrugated post-print solution announced at drupa. Also in todays paper are a technology column on cloud-based HP PrintOS; limitless possibilities with the HP Indigo 20000; a personal note from David Murphy, WW Marketing Director for the HP PageWide Web Press Division; and a look at futuristic technologies on display in the HP stand. Read the entire edition here.


The Buzz From Hall 17 - drupa Day 7 teaser image.JPG

Japan’s KADOKAWA signs for HP digital presses and a boost for corrugated digital productivity

In The Buzz from Hall 17 on drupa day 6, we hit the books with KADOKAWA in Japan; look at corrugated digital print solutions; report on HP and Henkel's partnership for adhesive solutions; share a personal perspective from Gary Peeling, CEO of Precision Printing; share an incredible story on personalized brand packaging; and more. Read the full edition here.


The Buzz From Hall 17 - drupa Day 6 teaser image.JPG

A triple award win, new HP Latex Printers debut and secrets to packaging success at drupa 2016

In the drupa day 5 edition of The Buzz from Hall 17, we cover HP's three EDP awards wins, review new HP Indigo 8000 customer deals, spotlight new HP Latex printers debuting at the show, include a guest column from packaging industry consultant Mike Ferrari on packaging success in the digital age, share a note from HP's Xavier Garcia and more. Read the full edition here.


The Buzz From Hall 17 - drupa Day 5 teaser image.JPG

Elanders boosts printing power with HP, a showcase of brands in print, and more on drupa day 4

In this edition of The Buzz from Hall 17, we report on Elanders Group's investment in new HP digital presses to strengthen its capabilities to deliver complex, worldwide commercial print jobs. We also take a look at the HP Art of Possibilities lounge featuring a showcase of brands in print; share a letter from Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager of the HP Indigo division; interview a pair of HP customers; run a feature on HP Scitex HDR Techology, and more. Read the whole drupa Day 4 edition here.


Buzz From Hall 17 Day 4 teaser image.JPG


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