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What's your Prepress Productivity Score (and how can it save you money?)

by Roy Faigenbloom, HP SmartStream Production Pro product manager


Before joining HP Indigo, I spent several years as a strategic consultant, working with companies in extreme competitive environments. One of the most powerful and efficient tools we used was Competitive Benchmarking. The first and most obvious reason to use this tool is to establish a baseline – as business schools teach, one can’t improve what one can’t measure.


But even more importantly, benchmarking against your competition, you are more likely to drive action – simply because nobody likes to feel they’re falling behind the competition…


Knowing where to look

Printing equipment such as digital presses has a defined set of specs such as speed or format size. Barring productivity boosters like HP Indigo Optimizer and with the right maintenance, the throughput of your press is usually predictable.


However, the situation in the Prepress department is often very different. Prepress has no throughput specifications, and best practices are elusive. This creates very large variation in the efficiency across the industry.


How large?


We measured the Prepress Productivity Score - number of jobs a prepress person can deliver within one hour - at a large number of HP Indigo customers. The results varies greatly: while in some of the customers a prepress person in can produce 1-2 jobs an hour, others can produce dozens and even hundreds of job an hour.


The immediate implications of a better Prepress Productivity Score are simple: your prepress people can focus on high value activities and you keep more money in the bottom line.



The secret sauce

After looking at different factors, the main differentiator can be summarized in one word: automation.

While print shops with low prepress efficiency use multiple tools with many human touchpoints, efficient sites usually use a single, powerful and highly automated tool which results in practically no human touch points. These print shops simply setup their workflow once and let the jobs run through their systems.

In this model, their Prepress people are not actually performing the job itself, but have more of supervising role, so they have the time to focus on creating new high-value applications.


So, how can you (quickly) do better?

Understanding this, we are focusing on automating the prepress with many of our solutions. One major release in this area is the all new Production Pro 6.0 DFE, currently being installed to our customers at no charge (provided they have a valid service contract and suitable hardware.)


Production Pro 6.0 is an all in one tool for your automated prepress, including VDP composition, imposition creation, marks management, color management and advanced load balancing and RIP capabilities. In short, it’s everything you need to make your prepress automated and efficient.



 Production Pro 6.0 interface


For example, NXP Europe (UK) decreased its prepress work by over 40% within a week after the installation, simply by automating some of the Prepress activities, such as imposition. Many other Production Pro 6.0 users are already experiencing the benefits of this tool, and the list is growing every day.


I invite you to calculate your Prepress Productivity Score by simply dividing the number of jobs you get a day by the number prepress hours you invest a day,  and to check your eligibility to get a no-charge upgrade to Production Pro 6.0.


Want to know more about automating your workflow?


Contact your HP Indigo Account Manager and find out more today. It could be very well the best time you will spend today!




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