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by Vivian Cohen-Leisorek, HP Indigo blog author


I can't believe it. We are finally here!


For the past few months, we worked on putting together the foundation of the blog, from brainstorming on topics through undergoing training and the necessary approvals to set up the platform. We talked at length about the type of content we would have - starting with the voice of our customers, insights from the industry, and a behind the scenes look at the why and how of the work at HP Indigo.


Given the varied audience - custmoers, partners, prospects, technical people and even brands, agencies and designers - we spent a long time thinking about the overall vision for the Indigo blog, and how we wanted it to be interesting and practical; both informative and fun.


And above all, we all agreed it had to be authentic.


One of the comments we hear again and again during customers visits to our headquarters, or during meetings among Indigo custmoers, is how the passion of digital print comes through. It's my mission as blog author to to try to tap into passion - the passion of our customers and that of their end customers, the passion of our partners, our suppliers, and our people. To attempt to capture that passion, bottle it up and share it in blog format.



 Customer visit at Ilan Print in Ashdod, Israel, 2014


Now that we're finally here, I have to say that it looked much easier on paper. We are all really looking forward to your comments, your questions and your input.  


Here's to a fun journey together!


On behalf of the HP Indigo team,





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  • I sit at the crossroads of the HP Indigo technology development team and our customers, sharing knowledge and tools that help printing companies continue growing their business. I’ve been immersed in the world of digital printing since 2006, when I joined HP Indigo. In work and life, I’m passionate about old and new media, and the joys of raising four children.
  • I am a word addict. For both business and pleasure writing is my thing. I am a marketing and communications expert and I am here to let you, our reader, know about all things Indigo. From new product launches to how to make the most of your press and inspiring stories and applications from around the world, I'll write it all here, for you to enjoy.
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