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You’ve surely heard of HP Indigo, but do you know what we do? With focus on the Labels & Packaging and Commercial market segments, our cutting-edge digital printing technology is behind many of the products on supermarket shelves and the items you use daily. Each and every day, our customers create millions of unique labels, books, cards, photobooks, packages, and more. We develop the technology that printed the ice cream tub you ate last night while watching a movie. We are behind the pouch of Lays potato chips and the label wrapped around the bottle of Coca-Cola. Our technology is behind the book you read your children every night and the photobook of your wedding.


Indigo was established in 1977 in Israel and was acquired by HP Inc. in 2001. Check out our 40th anniversary’s celebratory cakes from around the world!




With customers in over 130 countries around the world, we are one of Israel's top exporters and the market leader in the global digital print. Our more than 2500 employees in Israel, and many more around the world, dedicate their day to day to creating and developing the next generation of digital presses and the patented ElectroInk that make our digital printing possible. As consumer behaviors continue to change and brands continue to evolve, HP Indigo remains at the forefront of the digital printing industry, seeking new growth opportunities, growing at a 10% YoY rate and owning ~70% of the digital printing market.


Our customers choose us because we invest heavily in R&D, developing new features and products so our customers can be at the avant garde of the industry and they know that by adopting our technology, they will always be a step ahead. PSPs and converters across the globe turn to Indigo as a strategic partner on their way to grow their business & explore new markets opportunities. 




HP Indigo digital printing technology is visible in many commercial segments including:


Labels & Packaging


Our solutions for the Labels & Packaging segment enable converters and brands to speed their time to market, save money on inventory, waste and supply chain optimization, and find new and creative ways in which to engage with consumers.



Labels: A label is essentially any decoration which doesn’t hold or protect the product. Our label presses help converters increase productivity, save time and labor costs, automate workflow, simplify processes, and open new markets and revenue streams.  




Folding Carton: Paperboard that is printed, laminated, cut, then folded and glued before transport to packagers. The cartons are shipped flat to a packager, which has its own machinery to fold the carton into its final shape as a container for a product. 




Flexible Packaging: One of HP Indigo's fastest growing markets, flexible packaging is defined as any packaging that adopts the shape of the product it contains. 








With our commercial solutions, PSPs are able to engage audiences more effectively, innovate with limitless applications, and become leaders in their market. Our technology is enabling companies to connect with consumers in new and creative ways by connecting the virtual world with reality.


Photo: Addressing the needs of professional photographers, consumers and photo finishers and pro labs, Indigo is leading the analog to digital transformation of the photo segment, changing with consumer behavior, and looking for ways to connect the virtual world with print. Industry giants such as Google photo, Shutterfly and Chatbooks, leverage HP Indigo digital printing technology to meet the demands of consumers.  






GCP: Our General Commercial Printing segment is creating an infinity of experiential high-value products, including leaflets, brochures, posters, magazines, posters, business cards, direct mail, and more.






HP Indigo is committed to transforming the graphic arts industry through high quality, extreme versatility, and high productivity. 


Our end-to-end solutions and business development tools are designed to help PSPs and converters transform the way in which brands, agencies, designers and consumers leverage print. 


Next time you visit the supermarket or open your mail, know that chances are, we are right there with you. 




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  • I sit at the crossroads of the HP Indigo technology development team and our customers, sharing knowledge and tools that help printing companies continue growing their business. I’ve been immersed in the world of digital printing since 2006, when I joined HP Indigo. In work and life, I’m passionate about old and new media, and the joys of raising four children.
  • I am a word addict. For both business and pleasure writing is my thing. I am a marketing and communications expert and I am here to let you, our reader, know about all things Indigo. From new product launches to how to make the most of your press and inspiring stories and applications from around the world, I'll write it all here, for you to enjoy.
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