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Tips for improving performance on your Indigo, part 2

Meet one of the HP Indigo Solution Architects  (or "How-to" gurus)

by Vivian Cohen-Leisorek


In an earlier post, we introduced you to Tim Stefl, an HP Indigo and High Speed Inkjet Web Press Solution Architect (SA) – playfully nicknamed the How-to Gurus. As the author of the Dscoop Step by Step Tips blog, he has helped HP Indigo operators and production managers far and wide know that when they’ve got a tricky question, the chances are Tim or one of his peers will know the answer.


The average tenure of SAs with HP Indigo presses is well over 10 years. Tim has been personally training people to work with HP Indigo digital presses, and helping them solve application challenges, for a lot more than 10 years. He started working with Indigo presses since 1994 to be exact. He’s probably got more HP Indigo hours under his belt than almost anyone, anywhere.


Since he’s so good at answering questions, I decided to put some of my own, less-tricky, questions to Tim.


How did you get started with Indigo?
I got a degree in graphic communications, and went to work at a color service bureau in Phoenix, Arizona. We dealt with everything related to prepress – color separation and pre-printing proofs. When Indigo introduced the ePrint 1000 in 1994, I was hired in the first wave of Indigo employees in the US, with about nine other technical people.


I was hired to train operators around the Western region, which I did until late 1998. Then, I took an application engineering role – the original title of Solution Architect – and I’ve been doing that ever since. Now, I cover the whole Northeast Region, from Baltimore, MD, to Buffalo, NY, and as far north as Maine.


As a Solution Architect, what do you do?
Maybe it would be easier to ask us what we don’t do! The SAs main job is to support sales people, to do demos at customer sites, and help solve application issues. Basically, whenever an HP sales person in the region, and sometimes from elsewhere too, has a technical question, about workflow, a press, finishing or anything else related to HP Indigo or HP InkJet Web Presses, that question comes to the regional SA.


How do you come up with your ideas for the Step-by-Step blog?

Most of my ideas come straight from the field. Here’s a perfect example: Recently, I was doing an application demo at a company in New Jersey. While I was preparing for the demo, the local operator asked a question about something he’d been struggling with: doing a proof of a multiple-sheet job. I adjusted his workflow settings and explained how the mechanism functioned. Since he’d asked, I figured that others might also have the same question. So I just made a mental note to write it up, and sent it when I got back to the office. 

Wherever I am, it seems everyone always has questions, so there’s no lack of ideas about what to blog about.


From all the years of working with HP Indigo operators, is there one question that stands out in your mind? Why?
Actually, it was the question that prompted my first tips and tricks email, which later became the Step by Step blog.

I was at a customer site to tell them about EPM (Enhanced Productivity Mode). We were in the middle of that, and the prepress operator asked me about slow RIPping on large jobs. I asked him if he used “RIP Partitioning” and he didn’t know what the term was. So, we set his RIP up to partition the PDF files (spread the job pages between all available processors), and as a result their RIP times decreased to minutes, versus hours! They were breaking their large files into 1000 page chunks, and now were RIPping the entire job all together.

I figure if this helped him, others will also want to know this. So, I wrote the first email up, and sent it out. Step by Step just grew from there. 


Thanks Tim, for answering still more questions!

Is there something you’d like to know that you think Tim might be able to answer? Post it as a comment here and Tim will do his best to answer. You can also visit Tim’s Step by Step blog to see the full archive of tips and tricks.



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by DeepamIndia
on ‎08-01-2015 03:50 AM

HP has been a revelation in printing press technology. its been a billion dollar question mark with respect to 'PHOTOGRAPHY' industry. But still many installations have taken place in India. we will be much obliged if 

"EPM (Enhanced Productivity Mode)" programme is optimised in our country(INDIA). There is a wide doubt W.R.T 'FILE RIPPING' process and 'OUT PUT'. It is learnt that the HP INDIGOP 3050 has the best 'RIP' process than other models. Viv, we will happy to receive more inputs in this regard as we have 3 machines of which one model is 3050.

by Vivian Cohen-Leisorek (Vivian-HPIndigo)
on ‎08-02-2015 12:39 AM

Thanks for the feedback. We'll get in touch with the local team - the solution architects in APJ and our local country management to ensure you get answers directly. 

by DeepamIndia
on ‎08-02-2015 11:57 PM

Thanks Viv and shall wait for further action from your end. I can be contacted by +919940042337.

mail id.canberraalbums@gmail.com

by DeepamIndia
on ‎08-21-2015 03:07 AM

My thanks to Viv & Ashosk for the action initiated on my topic. We are now motivated more to grow together. We have been explained about the 'Ripping' process and further enhancement of the Indio Press. We have formed a team to the address a specific issues with an action plan and time frame. 


We at Deepam India belive in giving our customers a " DELIGHT" beyond money and finished product. Support from HP will go a long way in optimising the market potential towards our growth.  


I thank you all once again. Lets work together.

by DeepamIndia
on ‎09-13-2015 06:01 AM

 Its my first visit to 'DSCOOP' conclave and an ‘EYE OPENER’. Am fascinated. I want to thank the organizing committee of 'DSCOOP' to have invited FORMULA RACING ---MARK. Mark has instilled the need to change at “ZERO’ degree perfection. As he said, every member in the TEAM has to DELIVER. I understood that performance needs to be ‘RESULT SPECIFIC’. We at DEEPAM INDIA, under the able leadership of Mr. Sambath, are confident to achieve those standards by 2019, by all standards, pan global. We are developing modules which are result oriented towards ‘disseminating’ competition from unhealthy competition and work more towards more customer oriented.

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