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Reinvent unique this holiday season with HP SmartStream Mosaic

Across the world, our friends, families and colleagues celebrate the holidays by expressing themselves through unique décor. As we rely more and more on social media to stay connected with each other we asked ourselves: is there a way we can help people express their holiday spirit in a unique way?


This holiday season, we’re inviting our social media followers to help us spread holiday cheer and decorate their social media profiles with a totally unique, customized cover image created just for them using HP Indigo’s SmartStream Mosaic software.  Join us to get your own and reinvent your holiday celebrations on social media.


How do you participate?

  1. Post on our Facebook page or reply to us on Twitter using #MosaicMadeForMe to request your own personalized cover image made from the designs below (just pick your favorite base design)
  2. We will private message you with your custom Mosaic cover image created from the design number you choose
  3. Upload your cover image to your social media profiles


Here’s a peek at the base designs you can choose from:


Mosaic Made for Me Examples.jpg


The Challenge

How do we create truly personalized cover artwork for our thousands of followers this holiday season? Creating thousands of personalized cover images one by one in a timely manner would be impossible, or at least impractical. We needed a better solution. HP SmartStream Mosaic solved the problem.


How does it work?

HP SmartStream Mosaic unlocks mass customization at scale for print service providers and brands to use on all types of printed products, from labels to packaging to marketing collateral. It works by using a small number of vector PDF files as base design inputs. From these base designs it generates an almost limitless number of unique artworks by randomly transforming the files, using scaling, transposition, rotation and color variation. The end result? You can create millions of one-of-a-kind products and forge memorable experiences for end customers.


Brands and HP SmartStream Mosaic

This is now pioneering new frontiers in digital printing. The ability for every print to be unique has long been a key differentiator for digital presses. But when combined with the new capabilities of HP Indigo’s award-winning SmartStream Mosaic technology, the power to customize printed products has grown exponentially. And thanks to HP Indigo digital presses’ unparalleled print quality as the only variable imaging printing technology that can equal or exceed the quality of conventional offset lithographic printing and flexographic printing, the most discerning brands can create unique experiences that were previously impossible.


In fact, HP SmartStream Mosaic has already offered major brands around the world the opportunity to better tell their story and connect more deeply with their customers. Coca-Cola used HP SmartStream Mosaic to launch its “One of a Kind” program, which dressed up bottles of Diet Coke with millions of vibrant, eye-catching designs ensuring that no two bottles were the same. The brand also debuted its Extraordinary Campaign to put two million different bottles, each with a unique design, on supermarket shelves and in restaurants. Wallpaper* Magazine teamed up with HP Indigo for its 20th anniversary and created 220,000 unique printed posters, which were bundled with the magazine and delivered to subscribers.




So join us this holiday season and let the decorating begin!  Be sure to follow us on our social media channels and send us a note for your personalized HP SmartStream Mosaic cover image.


Learn more about HP SmartStream Designer software for your business and download a free 90 day trial.

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