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Innovation in Motion: The HP Indigo Tech Fair, a year later

by Vivian Cohen-Leisorek


At the heart of our innovation lies a passion for progress. We believe that a critical component of our commitment to being constantly innovative is showing the progress of our products and solutions, from concept, to development, to successful use by our customers.


Last year at pre drupa, we presented some of the projects that our scientists and engineers were working on in their research labs. They were all at various stages of research and development, some closer to coming to the market while others were experimental in nature, focusing on the versatility of Indigo LEP technology.


Drupa 2016_low pic_Tech fair_10.jpg


We then took that on the road to Dscoop conferences, to drupa and to Labelexpo, and we received an overflow of visitors sharing their experiences, giving feedback and asking questions. It was, by any standard, a huge hit.


ADAM8824 (640x427).jpg

The HP Indigo Tech Fair team at drupa


Propelling from that success, we are continuing our newly established tradition and packing this year’s Tech Fair with even more innovation.  We are excited to feature some brand new inventions that  have never been shown before, as well as the progress made on some of the products you saw last year.



But most of all, we are proud of being able to bring to you our “graduates” of the Tech Fair; those products and solutions that were in developing last year and that today are being successfully used by our customers. Amongst those are the green, yellow and orange Fluorescent ElectroInks, currently being field-tested on the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press at customer sites around the world, as well as Mosaic 3.0, Edge and Spine printing, and PrintBeat Mobile edition.


image1 (002).JPG

New Fluorescent ElectroInks at the main Solutions Showcase in Dscoop Phoenix 


Join us at the new Tech Fair at t Dscoop Phoenix to share your feedback, put in your requests, and let's continue driving innovation together.


tech fair.jpg

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