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Doing things differently – and faster – with PrintOS

Guest post by Gershon Alon – HP Indigo workflow solutions


Doing things differently – and faster – with PrintOS


This week is a big news week for HP PrintOS: new capabilities released, extended compatibility to additional HP Indigo digital press models announced, and the 1000th PrintOS customer celebrated.

That’s all good news indeed. And it’s important not just because of the extra value for users, but because it also signifies a new way of doing things – both at print production sites and right here at HP.



Celebrating the 1000th customer connected to PrintOS this week at Graph Expo, Orlando.


That was then…


The business of print used to run at what today we would call slow speed. From campaign idea, to development, design, production and rollout would take months. And understanding market reaction and adjusting for it would take many months more.

Likewise, here at HP, things also worked relatively slowly. New  releases of presses would typically take several years. Rollout of upgrades, which usually involve both hardware and software, would take months. Getting feedback from customer would be a laborious process,  and then development of the new version based on this feedback would take yet another year. That could stretch out into a two-year cycle for feedback and development!


This is now…


Compare that to the HP PrintOS experience, in which everything seems to run on fast-forward.

Last summer, we announced PrintOS, and by the pre-drupa events in February, there were already 30 users. With the official launch at drupa itself, user numbers rose to 230. And now, just 105 days after the start of drupa, the user base is up to 1000.


Just three months post-launch, PrintOS is already in the second release cycle— a release based largely on users’ feedback and specific requests. That’s a two-year cycle shrunk down to just three months! How amazing is that?!


The beauty of the cloud – and the commitment it requires 

At drupa we said that PrintOS is “platform” for print production. It really is. It’s not just apps; and it’s not just print management capabilities and features. It’s an interactive platform for communication. PrintOS users can tell us, via the platform, how it’s working for them, what’s good, what still needs work, what’s missing.


Likewise, we at HP can ask questions, also via PrintOS. We can run the analytics and really understand how to improve and expand the platform in the most valuable way. Because it’s all on the cloud, feedback is immediate. This also speeds up our ability to move fast in development and deployment.


And with this speed, we also gain additional responsibility to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.  


From the PSP or converter perspective, the process is similar.  The migration of many aspects of print production management to the cloud echoes brands’ migration of many aspects of their marketing and communications from print to web. With the web, brands and their customers benefit from immediate feedback, interactive communication, and fast response. And with a cloud platform, all of the parties involved – vendors, customers, partners and end users, all enjoy the same benefits.



PrintOS 1000th customerMLI Marketing Solutions and the HP team celebrating at Graph Expo


Delivering on customer feedback

The new release of PrintOS is a perfect example of how the platform serves as a valuable communication vehicle. Users asked to be able to connect more HP Indigo presses to PrintOS; they wanted to impose files directly in PrintOS Box; and they requested more in-depth press analysis, increased preflight options, and smart, easy-to-use filter options that give users what they need, when it is needed.


All that, and more is included in the new PrintOS release. Learn more here. And of course, we look forward to your feedback.



Full speed ahead

We’ve set a fast pace with PrintOS so far, with the second release cycle coming just a few months after introduction. And that’s how we plan to go on. We are already working on the next round of development for the platform and the apps, and will continue to frequently release enhancements and expansions.


We want to hear from you!

At every stage, users can have a huge influence on development. Contact us through PrintOS > Help > Contact HP, or just add a comment below. Your comments, questions and requests will continue to impact the way we build the future of print, together.  




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well done, and keep it upSmiley Wink

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