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Celebrating partnership, digital combination printing and drupa's digital tipping point on day 8

Last week, HP announced that photo specialty leader Shutterfly had signed 25 new HP Indigo 12000 digital presses to be installed this summer, in preparation for peak season. Yesterday, the Shutterfly executive team led by CEO Dwayne Black paid a visit to HP Hall 17 and celebrated the deal with the HP Team by taking a photograph in front of the HP Indigo 12000.


“It is incredible to look back and see how it all began over a decade ago – the manual labor, the lack of automation, but a desire to make the best products possible,” said Black. “The latest installation of an HP Indigo 12000 will help Shutterfly continue to innovative and personalized web-to-print offerings to our customers. It will enable us to scale and take our offering to a new level, leveraging

automation and maximizing productivity.”


The holiday season is Shutterfly’s most demanding production period and the most vital to the company’s success and bottom line. To prepare for this peak in demand as well as capture new

customers, the company sees it as mission-critical to have the right production engine in place to manage the annual boom of photo-based gift-giving around major holidays.


With its new HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press fleet, Shutterfly can handle the significantly increased volume of photo-specialty jobs and take advantage of the most recent HP Indigo innovations,

including improved color accuracy and consistency. Shutterfly can also increase productivity and automation by utilizing the press’ B2 print format, efficient workflow and automation tools equipped

to handle thousands of jobs per day.


To take full advantage of their expanded digital B2 production line, Shutterfly is also adopting three Horizon SmartStackers.


Read the rest of today's edition here, or download the PDF below.


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