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20 years in digital print. It’s been quite a ride! (Part 2)

Guest blogger: Mike Chiricuzio


Read the first part of Mike Chiricuzio's reflections on two decades in digital print. 


So much has changed in the past 20 years. Here’s a very high-level overview…


First and foremost, digital print achieved not only acceptance, but mainstream status. I spent a lot of time ‘defending’ digital print in the early days, and put up with a lot of grief from my friends in the offset world about it not being ‘real’ printing, that we were just running expensive copy machines, etc. But every one of those same people are now in the digital printing business.


Even more of note, in my opinion, is the utilization of digital printing technologies to do things in specialty areas like labeling, packaging, non-communication based printing, etc. In a world where printed communications are in continual decline, digital technologies create new business, new opportunities, and allow for appropriate integration of printed and non-printed communications. Digital printing today is almost ten times faster than when first launched, is much less expensive to produce and the quality is more than acceptable in just about every situation. In fact, in several scenarios, digital print quality surpasses offset, and that’s saying a lot.


man and machine.jpg

Mike and his Indigo E-Print 1000 

(photo courtesy of Mike Chiricuzio)


Some things don’t change

What has remained the same is the constant commoditization of print. Just as offset printing was essentially a mature industry/technology, digital print has joined that category. It is now highly competitive, and price, service and quality sensitive. It is mandatory for providers to be able to produce work at the highest level of quality available and at efficient, appropriate, competitive prices. Also as before, the best way to compete is to find new and better ways to serve your clients’ true needs, through innovative uses of the available technologies. This is true in our industry as in many others. This is what keeps us from being totally commoditized.


Celebrating 20 years of digital business growth

Over the years, the original Sequel business went through a series of ownership changes, and I got involved with new initiatives, all in digital printing. First there was One Source Digital Solutions, and later R and R Images (now part of Shutterfly). Most recently, I’ve just finished a four-year stint at VDP Direct/LAK Advertising, a full service advertising agency that got its start printing in house with HP Indigo presses. And, I’ve consulted with dozens of other commercial printing companies, helping them embrace digital print as a normal part of their operation.


December last year marked 20 years since the arrival of our first digital press, Indigo E-Print 1000, serial number 377. Hard to imagine that so much time had passed. I’m now based in San Diego, so, my longtime colleague and friend, Cathy Skoglund, who now runs the ASU (Arizona State University) Print & Imaging Lab, which I founded in 2004, helped me put together an incredible party in Phoenix in January. More than 150 people – team members from the early days of Sequel, One Source, and Rand R, and their families came together to celebrate our amazing two decades of digital printing. Even Chuck Rau, our first and longtime Indigo FSE was there.



20 Years of Digital Print Party

(photo courtesy of Mike Chiricuzio) 


January 2015 also marked a year since the passing of Rod Key, friend and founder of R and R Images, and we were able to raise close to $1000 for the ASU Rod Key Memorial Scholarship Fund. Not sure quite how we pulled it off, but it will remain one of those events never forgotten by us or the many people in attendance.



Take a look at the party slide show. If you’ve ever had dealings with digital printing in Phoenix, you’ll likely recognize a few people.

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First and foremost, digital print achieved not only acceptance, but mainstream status. I spent a lot of time ‘defending’ digital print in the early days, and put up with a lot of grief from my friends in the offset world about it not being printing Tanaman Obat Varises

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