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  • 5 Tips for Working with Cork

    by AmyAnderson | 09-27-2014

    #HPCreate 5 Tips for Working with Cork

    Cork is one of those creative surfaces that I don’t give enough attention to – but when I work with it, I love it! I appreciate natural materials, so I like the look of cork in general – and I also like the texture it adds to a project just because of the pattern of the material. It’s durable and you can use it for so many things from jewelry to home décor . . . and it’s lightweight. However, there are my 5 tips for working with cork!

  • 10 Creative Project Hacks You’ll Love

    by AmyAnderson | 09-26-2014

    #HPCreate 10 Creative Project Hacks You'll Love

    Are you a big fan of “hacks” when creating projects? You know, those great tips that make your life just a little bit easier? I absolutely love them – and I’m excited to share then that I compiled to help you in your creative projects. From sharpening scissors easily to picking up glitter quickly, these ten suggestions are sure to come in handy on a regular basis. Here they are!

  • 10 DIY Projects That Bring Fall Into Your Home

    by AmyAnderson | 09-05-2014

    #HPCreate 10 DIY projects that bring fall into your home

    Are you mentally prepared for fall? I couldn’t be more ready! I’m looking forward to cooler temps, crisp mornings, and pumpkin spice lattes. I’m also looking forward to doing some creative projects to spice up my home and make it feel a bit more seasonal. Orange is one of my favorite colors and I love gold too, so autumn decorating is something I naturally love to do.


    If you are feeling festive too, check out these 10 DIY projects that bring fall into your home. Use them for creative inspiration . . . and don’t forget to involve the kids, too! Of course if you make any of these projects, please share them with us in the Idea Exchange. Now let me know – what do you love about autumn?

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