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  • 12 Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

    by AmyAnderson | 12-15-2014

    12 Holiday traditions to start this year.jpg

    Who loves holiday traditions? I have great memories of fun Christmas traditions as a child, especially around crafting and food. My mom and I made cards each year. We’d also make the turkey together and every Christmas morning, my mom would make Swedish pancakes! Holiday traditions are some of my best memories as a child and something I look forward to continuing with my own family as I get older.


    If you love holiday traditions too, check out this list of 12 ideas to get you inspired. Which one will you start this year?

  • Tips for Making a Homemade Photo Booth

    by ChelseyAndrews | 12-09-2014

    Photo Booth Main.jpg

    You don’t need to have an amazing camera and a professional setup to create a photo booth – you just need to get a little creative. Below you’ll find some great ideas to get you ready to make your own homemade photo booth for your next party!

  • 10 Handmade Gifts Using Printed Photos

    by AmyAnderson | 11-29-2014

    10 Handmade Gifts Using Printed Photos_1.jpg

    Gift giving season is upon us! I’m proud of myself, actually – because this year I’ve finally allowed enough time to make all of my gifts. Which is a huge score. I have family and friends who are very difficult to shop for. They can pretty much buy anything they want so a gift with a personal touch has so much more meaning!


    This year I’m opting to include photos in my handmade gifts to give them that personal touch that I’m referring to. If you are in the same boat as I am and are opting to make presents this year instead of buy, here are 10 creative ideas. Read on to see my 10 picks – now I just need to decide which one I’d like to try first!

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