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  • Tips for Making Paper Flowers

    by ChelseyAndrews | 11-25-2014

    Paper Flower Tips - 2.jpg

    I LOVE making most anything with paper, but I REALLY enjoy making paper flowers. It’s sort of like a paper challenge. Will the flower turn out the way I hope, or will it look like a sad dried up leaf? Making paper flowers doesn’t have to be difficult, it all depends on what kind of paper flowers you’d like to make. There’s flower photos, pre made printouts, patterns, and freehand flowers. Below I’ve shared a few links and ideas to start (or continue) your paper flower crafting.

  • 20 Thanksgiving DIY Party Ideas

    by AmyAnderson | 11-04-2014

    #HPCreate 20 Thanksgiving DIY party ideas

    Can you believe it’s November already? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I definitely am! I love spending time with my family and friends during the holidays but I’m also going to be honest – I really love the food! Turkey and mashed potatoes make me happy. And then pumpkin pie? Forget about it! As I’ve become an adult and gotten more into the total holiday experience, I’ve put a focus on dressing up the table for the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether you are having the entire family over or just a few friends, you’re going to love this collection of creative projects that will make your turkey party so festive. There are a lot of free printables and budget friendly ideas. Take a peek at the list of 20 ideas below!


  • 12 Favorite Spooky Light Ideas

    by ChelseyAndrews | 10-15-2014

    12 Spooky Light Ideas from The Paper Mama

    Almost Happy Halloween to all of you! We are getting excited for this day in my home and have been crafting some cute Halloween creations for the past couple of weeks. When thinking of this holiday, my first thoughts are of pumpkins, costumes, and nighttime. Today, I’m sharing my 12 favorite spooky light ideas from some favorite bloggers. Make your home just a bit spookier with these awesome lighting and festive ideas. All of them are inexpensive and simple to make.

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