The mobile generation is on the move

mobile generations


Software applications and their supporting infrastructures must now move to a mobile-first design and execution model to suit the new business ideals of flexible working anywhere at any time.

The significance of cloud computing

Man in server room


Cloud computing and the delivery of digital applications and storage is a key area of focus for businesses, whether it is across devices, application types and usage channels.

The $5.4m question: how secure is your data?

Anxious man on the phone


The more data your organization acquires and shares, the more security risks and requirements you face. Your imaging and printing environment is not immune. Security gaps can leave sensitive data dangerously exposed.

The big data revolution

Big data


Big data has become the definition for aggregating, analysing and deriving insight from a connected web of devices, users and applications. How do we gain control of the big data information stream?

The age of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things


With an almost infinite variety of new connected devices, sensors, wearables and computers – the so-called Internet of Things – how can we gain insight and navigate this emerging web of technology?

5 ways your small business can benefit from big data

Man smiling


Are you one of the many SMBs who dismiss big data as an out-of-reach business practice too expensive and time consuming to think about? If so, read on.

5 top business travel tips

Black and white airplane engine opened


If you rack up a lot of miles on the road and in the air, then you know how tiring and time consuming business travel can be. Next time you’re off, try traveling smarter with these top tips.

ZED London 2013 Recap

Visit London ZED



HP ZED is a pop up studio for the creative community and due to popular demand is returning to the Vinyl Factory in Soho, London this September. For those of you not familiar with the event, here's a recap of the talks, tutorials and creativity sessions that took place at ZED London 2013. To register for this year's event, please visit our ZED London page.

Innovative small businesses: iGeolise

The gang in the car


Hazel Davies, from the Telegraph, interviews Charlie Davies, co-founder of journey technology platform iGeolise; a platform that locates, ranks and sorts content by travel time not distance.

Business technology news: this week’s picks

Woman reading the news


Launch of Apple Watch and Apple Pay, Gmail security warning and the launch of smart chopsticks, plus more in our weekly look at the best biz tech news of the week.

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