Mobility for Business: What protection for what data?

Session7 What protection for data?


There was no round table or workshop specifically dedicated to the question of protecting privacy – and that’s a shame, because it’s a major issue that should be on our minds constantly... However, this issue has permeated the different presentations that I attended. Here’s a summary.

By Nathalie Colombier

Mobility for Business: How can specialist IT services help SMBs?

Session 6 How can specialist IT help?


More often than not, owners of small businesses perform an all-encompassing role that is extremely time consuming. For them, IT is one detail too many. For them an IT system simply must work! And work well. How can specialist IT businesses help?

By Nathalie Colombier

Mobility for Business: The challenges of BYOD in business

Session 5 Challenges of BYODThe issue of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) poses countless questions, which are not easy for businesses to resolve. Several workshops and round tables led by industry experts tackled this question at Mobility for Business. Here is a summary of their thoughts.

By Nathalie Colombier

Mobility for Business: Smart objects and big data

Session 4 Mobility for Business Smart Objects Big Data


Smart objects are evolving, fast. Incredibly strong sensors now cost less and less money. Evolving communication channels allow us to send data far and wide. There are even energy-generating techniques that can make these machines self-sufficient. In short, we can put sensors everywhere and create a large network that produces close-knit data that makes sense: big data.

By Nathalie Colombier

Mobility for Business: Multiple connectivity solutions for multiple users

Session 3 The Internet of Things Multiple Connectivity


Things are moving fast in the realm of the Internet of Things, notably with the arrival of new, cheaper sensors and network solutions.

By Nathalie Colombier

Mobility for Business: The risks and opportunities of mobile payments

Session 2 Towards Mobile Payments


There are few things more annoying than waiting in a long queue to pay for your shopping. Today, mobile phones allow us to carry out secure and streamlined payments, much to the delight of retailers as well as customers.

By Nathalie Colombier

Mobility for Business: Marketing via mobile: Infinite potential

Session 1 Marketing via Mobile


So long as networks permit it, the mobile channel opens up unbelievable marketing possibilities. And since mobile phones are personal, this allows for targeted, tailored communications. Here’s a brief overview. 


By Nathalie Colombier

Powering your imagination



Explore this selection of case studies and see how HP Workstations are being used to help customers in real world situations.

How well are you protecting your customer data?

How well are you protecting your customer data?


Once upon a time, the only person worrying about securing customer data might have been the grizzled IT veteran in the company’s basement cubicle. That’s not the case anymore.

How to protect your printer from hackers

How to protect your printer from hackers


Are you aware that your network printer could pose the same security threat as PCs and mobile devices if left unprotected? Here are a few vulnerabilities to keep in mind and solutions to help keep you safe.

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