A how to guide on hot desking

Hot desking


Hot desking might seem like a no brainer, after all, it can reduce office costs and empower workers but…it needs proper planning.

Top 10 dangers of staying on Windows XP

Top 10 Dangers of staying on XP


Find out what risks you’re exposing your business to by sticking with a 12-year-old operating system in 2014 and beyond.

10 top UK twitter accounts every small business should follow

Reading tweets


Looking for advice for your start-up? The latest news in tech? Or just some plain old inspiration. Freshen up your feed and follow these 10 go-to business tweeters.

Innovative small businesses: Beamly

Using a tablet


Jenny Hirschkorn, from the Telegraph, interviews Anthony Rose CTO of Beamly: a social network for television that is available as a free app for smarthphones, tablets and computers.

Insight Q&A with Conor O'Neill from FeedHenry Ltd: The Internet of Things Is Your Next Device

Internet of Things


Telling answers from Conor O’Neill, Director of Product Development at FeedHenry Ltd (an Irish global mobile application platform developer).

By Adrian Bridgwater.

Business technology news: this week’s picks

Business Tech News


New microchip to double power of IoT devices, tech that could give thieves key to your home, the possible end of Google + is nigh, plus more in our weekly look at the best biz tech news of the week.

The Future of Enterprise Mobility & Device Management 2014: Mobile Security - Not All Leaks Are the Same

Man in the lift


IT and security departments should bear in mind the diversity of employee roles and needs when they investigate why data leaks happen in the first place.

By Adrian Bridgwater.

The Future of Enterprise Mobility & Device Management 2014: A Secure Evolution for BYOD

Conference booth


Employee-owned devices are an essential part of corporate connectivity placing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies at the centre of IT planning.

By Adrian Bridgwater.

The Future of Enterprise Mobility & Device Management 2014: Device management comes of age

Starting a conference


This inaugural conference in London focuses on security, innovation and standards compliance in the context of our business transformation needs.

By Adrian Bridgwater.

BYOD printing: the things to consider

Woman working on tablet


The benefits of BYOD can be tremendous. However the use of personal devices for business can raise security and management concerns.

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