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Reconnect with HP Qfiniti and HP Explore... and Our Promises

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share with you how excited I am to be here!  My name is Jeff Westover and I’m stepping into the role of Vice President and General Manager of HP’s Customer Interaction Solutions business group—the home of HP Qfiniti (formerly etalk Qfiniti) and HP Explore, part of the Marketing Optimization unit within HP Software. 


While today is my first official day on the job (announcement), but I’ve been pulling double duty for the last 4 weeks trying to quickly get ramped up—I couldn’t wait to dig in!  I’ve been impressed with the team, the direction and the plan.  So far, it’s been collaborative and supportive and everyone is fully committed. 


That’s the good news. 


The bad news is that both HP Qfiniti and HP Explore are relatively unknown products outside of our immediate customer-base.  Since HP’s acquisition of the technology more than 2.5 years ago, investment and innovation have been “full speed ahead”.  However, we’ve been very quiet about advancements and generally been overly introverted…until now.  You’ll see and hear a great deal more from us in the future; we’ll be far more engaged throughout the workforce optimization and customer experience marketplace.


20140702_HP_Awareness_Workforce_300x250.gifBoth HP Qfiniti and HP Explore are market-leading products that, coupled with the strength of HP, have bright futures.  I’m very excited to compete directly with Verint, Nexidia and NICE Systems, and show the industry what laser-focus and commitment can accomplish in this space.


Over the course of the next several weeks, you’ll see more posts from me.  My objective will be two-fold.  I’ll communicate aspects of our go-forward-plan that I think will interest you.  And, I’ll jumpstart our journey to becoming far more accessible, transparent and present. 


I’m also very excited about the direction Robert Youngjohns, SVP HP Software, is setting for the broader team and the role both HP Qfiniti and HP Explore will play in that plan. Check out Robert’s blog on the subject. All of HP’s customer experience-related software solutions combined with our industry leading Big Data platform (aka HAVEn) will have fantastic impact in the market.


Lastly, I’d appreciate it if you would consider connecting to one or more of our social media accounts for either HP Qfiniti or HP Explore, or both.  We’ll want to share our progress and success.


Click to connect with HP Qfiniti on linkedin, facebook and twitter.

Click to connect with HP Explore on linkedin, facebook and twitter.


Bookmark this blog link and come back often! 


Thank you for your consideration.


Jeff Westover @jeffwestover



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