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Digital Marketing: The future of the contact center is leaving now (Prediction 5)

This is post 5 of 5 in a series summarizing a recent HP Autonomy webcast on contact center management.


Steve Graff’s fourth prediction for the contact center in 2014—Prediction #4: Compliance gets the process it needs—covered the mission-critical issues of compliance in today’s highly regulated and scrutinized business environment.


With his fifth and final prediction for the contact center in 2014, Steve Graff, our VP Technology and Chief Architect for HP Autonomy Contact Center Management solutions, concludes his recent webcast presentation, The Future Of The Contact Center Is Leaving Now.


If you look ahead into 2014, you can’t fail to notice that what may have previously seemed like hype to some is now the reality of Big Data—in both its challenges and opportunities. This is certainly true for the contact center because it is the focal point of massive data collection, analysis, and management.




Prediction #5: Big Data becomes manageable

When it comes to Big Data, volume is not the only challenge. According to Gartner, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage through 2015 (see Gartner: Big Data at www.gartner.com/technology/topics/big-data.jsp). The lack of capacity for analyzing big data is certainly one of the largest obstacles facing businesses—and the contact center—in 2014, and without systems in place that are adequate to the task, a significant portion of enterprise data will go “dark.” By this we mean that the enterprise will be unable to derive value from much of the massive amount of data that it will collect.



Information of extreme size, diversity, and complexity will go “dark,” hiding its value from the enterprise that is unable to derive meaning from both structured and unstructured data at big data scale.


HP offers industry-leading Big Data solutions that enable businesses to manage, analyze, and profit from all their data, whether structured or unstructured. With HP IDOL to derive meaning from unstructured data, HP Vertica to manage and analyze structured and semi-structured data, and the HP HAVEn Big Data platform for building out a 360-degree view of your customers and operations, HP leads the way in deriving value from all your data and moving from the dark to the insight.


HP Qfiniti 10 was designed to serve as the central technology product suite to handle the demands of Big Data in the contact center. It enables you to capture content from omnichannel sources such as voice, email, CRM systems, and social media. Integration with advanced analytics capabilities allows the enterprise to discover actionable voice-of-customer insight in real time. HP Qfiniti 10 then powers your data governance best practices and delivers relevant customer information to your agents at the right time.


Essential scalability

Finally, when it comes to managing big data, it’s important to understand that at this scale, data storage is expensive, and effective information management is imperative. For example, one of our insurance company customers is required to keep voice recordings for policy owners for 7 years after termination—and many of their customers have been policy owners for decades. This customer can ill afford to capture and maintain all this data inside their transactional systems, which are not meant to serve as data archive repositories. Data to be archived is therefore moved out of the transactional systems, tagged, logged, and then migrated to a data warehouse. This is an automated process managed by HP Vertica that results in significant time, resource, and dollar savings.


What’s next?

So what does the future of your contact center look like? If it appears to be anything like the future that Steve Graff argues has already arrived, if you have a sense that the future of your contact center is indeed leaving now, then you need to get on board with solutions that will meet your current challenges.


Visit Autonomy.com to learn more about our Contact Center Management solution and about how HP Qfiniti 10 can help your contact center face the future. You simply can’t afford to be left behind.


And of course, take the opportunity to hear about all five of these important market drivers directly from Steve Graff himself by listening to full recording, The Future Of The Contact Center Is Leaving Now.




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