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Digital Marketing: The future of the contact center is leaving now (Prediction 3)

This is the third in a series of 5 blogs summarizing a recent HP Autonomy webcast on contact center management.


If you are reading these predictions for the first time, take a quick look back at the second post in this series: Prediction 2: Next best actions drive next generation interactions.


If you’ve been following along since the first post, you’re aware that Steve Graff, the VP Technology and Chief Architect for HP Autonomy’s Contact Center Management solutions, recently used his extensive experience in this industry to look into the future of workforce optimization and customer experience management. He shared his predictions in a webcast, which you can access as an on-demand recording (see link below).


Steve made one thing very clear: When it comes to contact center management, it’s an omnichannel world, and we’re just trying to make sense of it. Which brings us to his third prediction.




Prediction #3: Customer experience continues to drive differentiation


It’s not enough to manage customer interactions across multiple channels, because in today’s marketplace, you need to meet your customer at each and every preferred touchpoint. Not only that, but your customer is expecting a consistent experience across all channels, which means that you must enable seamless movement from your social media sites to your website, from a chat session to a phone call for support.


Ideally, the omnichannel experience that you offer goes beyond the already daunting task of meeting your customers wherever they prefer; that experience should also be robust enough to guide customers to the right channel based on relevant and contextual criteria. You can see in the graphic below why your contact center must serve as a key focal point for providing customers with the guidance they need to get questions answered and issues resolved.



All channels lead to the contact center:  Customers might start out on many different channels, but calls to the contact center remain the most frequently used customer service channel. (Source: Forrester, Understand Communication Channel Needs To Craft Your Customer Service Strategy).


Through attention to unified cross-channel experiences, you can better define and maintain your differentiation in the marketplace. In this context, differentiation begins with agent training, because first contact resolution is a brand value: when you enable the agent to recommend the right content at the right time, you drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.


Voice of the customer

The best foundation for effective agent training is a comprehensive voice-of-customer (VOC) program, which must be managed at big data scale to understand interactions in detail across every channel.

These learnings and insight from the VOC program, which are used to inform the agent training, will also provide the basis for generating predictive recommendations during day-to-day operations. Brand differentiation is further enhanced by effectively distributing the most up-to-date product and customer data to the agent, while at the same time enabling the agent to act on pertinent feedback in real time.


In effect, you need a 21st-century crystal ball to derive insight from across the enterprise as well as each and every marketing channel, and then deliver this information to your front-line agents. HP Qfiniti 10’s highly integrated modular product suite provides exactly this kind of capability to the contact center. The HP Explore module, through its HP IDOL integration, provides advanced omnichannel analytics for deep customer insight; Qfiniti Expert enables online coaching and training; and Qfiniti Optimize offers desktop analytics and agent guidance. In combination or as stand-alone modules to address any technology gaps, the HP Qfiniti 10 modules serve as the technology underpinnings of a highly effective customer experience infrastructure.


Visit Autonomy.com to learn more about our Contact Center Management solution and discover how your contact center can drive brand differentiation through improved customer experience.


What’s next?

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And be sure to check out the full recording of Steve’s webcast, The Future Of The Contact Center Is Leaving Now.



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