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Digital Marketing: Lessons from a Hot Dog Eating Champion

I attended a highly anticipated launch event last week in New York where HP premiered its Digital Marketing Hub, a landmark offering allowing marketers to transform their Big Data into actionable insights.


Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics, shared some interesting real-life stories on analytics and strategies. One of the more colorful ones was about Takeru Kobayashi “Kobi”, a Japanese competitive eater, who once broke the hot dog eating world record by consuming twice the amount.  How did Kobi, who had a relatively slight stature, manage this monumental task?

It was a matter of getting the right insight from analytics, and using such insight to formulate the strategies that kobayashi.jpgredefined the problem of competitive hot dog eating.  It’s a funny example, but until Kobi’s revelation, the contest was simply an extension of hot dog eating where contestants just ate a lot of hot dogs…very fast.


Kobi’s analytics-based approach was all about innovatively ingesting massive amount of hot dogs in the most efficient way possible.  In other words, he transformed the eating challenge into a business challenge. An example of a winning tactic was separating the buns from the sausages, dunking the buns into warm water and rolling them into balls for a smooth and quick trip down the throat.   He annihilated his competition with clever strategies engendered by unprecedented insights from analytics.


 It was an inspirational story that truly complemented the event which featured HP Autonomy’s Digital Marketing Hub. An analytics-based solution, designed to help marketers unleash the power of data to achieve breakthrough business performance. 

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