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Welcome to the Careers at HP blog! Where our mission is to provide a glimpse into the day to day life at HP. Within this blog you will find a variety of information pertaining to HP and the many career opportunities that are offered around the globe. Here you will learn more about the most recent career opportunities, workplace culture, social innovation and other career related tips and information from a diverse selection of HP employees. Check back regularly to learn about recruiting events and information from HP programs and groups such as University Recruiting, the Veteran Staffing program, the HR Management Associate Program (HR MAP) and Diversity & Inclusion just to name a few. But this is not a one way conversation – we encourage you to share or comment on the topics presented throughout this blog. We want to hear from you!

HP Labs and academic thought leaders explore the future of human computer interaction

workshop & teaser.jpgA select group of leading academic researchers gathered recently at HP Lab’s Palo Alto headquarters to discuss the future of human computer interaction and learn more about HP’s current research in the field.


Repost from HP Labs

A female perspective in the IT world at HP

teaser f.JPGAs a female in the IT world it hasn't always been easy!  I have had my fair share of disappointments and struggles.  However, joining the HP team for a year and a half has proven that gender does not matter and diversity is the name of the game.  I feel like a part of the team and I am learning to focus on the important stuff and worry less about trying to prove myself.


By Claudia Lewis

It's not just about Sales

font page.JPGThe past 6 months have truly been eye-opening. Everyone said that I would learn a lot but you don’t really realize what ‘a lot’ entails until you take on the position and are thrown into the daily life of an account manager. I learn something new every day. It is an exciting industry to be involved in and it definitely keeps you on your toes.


By Mackenzie Koppert

Winning everyday with HP!

Picture 3  - Take your children to work.jpgBeing HP Asia Pacific’s Compensation Manager sounds awesome, right? What I do here is even more awesome! Which is why I call HP my happy place that helps me win every day.


By Athia Tahzeeb Sheik

HP 3D Printing || Start-up mode: ON!

Monica & dog.jpgHP 3D Printing: A young & dynamic start-up inside a huge & experienced company. My experience here has been so enriching both personally and professionally and I’d like to share with you my impressions about how it feels to work in a huge and experienced company transformed into a young and dynamic start-up.



By Monica Colome Batlle

HP still feeds my curiosity after 11 years

teaser.JPGHow relevant is print in your life? Well my life all about printers, all the way from Inkjet, to Large formats, to Laserjet.


By Ritesh Rai

An Unexpected Journey...

James 1.pngWhilst my HP story doesn’t start “In a hole in the ground…”, or even in the Shire, like Bilbo et al., I’ve had a pretty crazy ride and been to some pretty out there places. From Singapore to Palo Alto, Auckland to Plano, Boeblingen to Kuala Lumpur, it’s been a helluva drive. But what still makes my head spin, is how fastit has happened! So, try keep up with me here…


By James Comer



Under 30, a woman and a policy-wonk: who said the tech sector is not for me?

Giulia - teaser.jpgThe siren song of the tech sector enchanted me away from academia and gave me the most exciting three months of my professional life so far. No one day is equal to the next and I love working in a company where ideas are valued more than seniority.


By Giulia Pastorella

Moving to Barcelona - More than a cultural experience

By Sanda Gorbenko


Teaser final.JPGBarcelona has a lot to offer on cultural and nature side and HP Sant Cugat hub is located in breathtaking surroundings with mountains of Montserrat on one side and the beautiful city of Barcelona on the other. Career opportunities in HP are endless and being a part of an international environment is an amazing adventure in itself. 

My internship experience at HP

AMS blog.JPGBy Nathan Sherburn


The last two months have been an absolute blast! My fellow interns from Australia, Joel and Michael, and I have travelled, explored, experienced and learned more than we could ever have expected. The office culture here is absolutely brilliant. No matter which department we visit, we find that people are always willing to spend time chatting and answering our questions. 

Making decisions doesn't have to be hard

By Mari Eguchi


IMG_1063.jpgThere is no right or wrong answer to your career, but if you are too afraid of making decisions, then nothing is going to happen. Never ever give up your career by saying “There aren’t any opportunities!” It’s just an excuse. You can do anything you want if you make a decision to do so.

Being a HP Intern


Phiri1.JPGBy Phiri Katsonga



My journey as an intern has been a unique one so far. When I first started I was nervous about what my role would be like and whether or not I would settle in properly. But those doubts were instantly put to rest. The HP team is very welcoming and made me feel part of the company straight away.

My career at HP | There is nothing permanent except change


By Israel FloresIsrael 1.png

During his 5 years with HP, Israel has been able to travel to different countries and meet teammates from all over the world. Israel defines his career as something challenging and dynamic.

Life experiences, not only career development

1.pngBy Mason Lin


Joining a highly regarded international company had always been one of my career aspirations and I considered it an important step for my career development. In 2007, my dream came true; I got the opportunity to work in Taipei HP workstation R&D team, and it was even better than I had imagined!

3 Months,  2 Time-zones, 1 Global Internship

By Joel Yap




The opportunity to embark on an international internship experience at an iconic global US Fortune 100 company in Silicon Valley is something dreams are made ofEver since I was young, I’ve always dreamed of exploring and experiencing life in the United States. Little did I know, this dream would soon become a reality.

Student Breakthrough and Success at HP

3.jpgRobotics is not something that comes to everyone’s mind when they think HP. But is the first thing that comes to my mind. And as an intern is a privilege to have had the opportunities to share this kind of innovation with other students, interns and now HP Labs.

What’s next?

1.jpgAs with many newly-minted MBA graduates, “What’s next?” is the question that weighed on my mind almost two years ago. Many choices lay ahead, but which was right for me?

Passion to solve business problems with technology

Regional Team Dinner - GermanyVs Turkey 2008 Match (400x300).jpgHere is what keep Gopal going: simplification and applying technology solutions to solve business problems. As a member of te HP Software team, he is happy with the amazing opportunities to grow the way he wants.

Graduates Newsletter - September 2015 edition

Volunteer and have fun (400x265).jpgWelcome to the September 2015 edition of the HP Graduates Newsletter.


We distribute this newsletter monthly to keep you, our graduate new hires, connected to HP and updated on news and events prior to your start date.

How I survived Encephalitis

IMG_0427_compressed.jpgThis is my story, the story of a Talent Acquisition consultant in the UK & Ireland team. At 27, I came down with a deadly brain disease. Thankfully I survived….and now I’m back at HP in the Talent Acquisition Team!