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Welcome to the Careers at HP blog! Where our mission is to provide a glimpse into the day to day life at HP. Within this blog you will find a variety of information pertaining to HP and the many career opportunities that are offered around the globe. Here you will learn more about the most recent career opportunities, workplace culture, social innovation and other career related tips and information from a diverse selection of HP employees. Check back regularly to learn about recruiting events and information from HP programs and groups such as University Recruiting, the Veteran Staffing program, the HR Management Associate Program (HR MAP) and Diversity & Inclusion just to name a few. But this is not a one way conversation – we encourage you to share or comment on the topics presented throughout this blog. We want to hear from you!

Life of an intern: Gosia at the our Finance Center in Poland

Gosia 2017.jpg 

by Malgorzata Ciepiela


It all started last summer. I was looking for an internship which would be interesting and which I could reconcile with my studies. I had another internship experience at HP one year earlier and I really liked the working environment and the people I met there. Therefore, I went to the company’s website curious see if I can find an opportunity to return.

Find an internship with us: http://hp.tl/61808g0Yq


Marathon runner and accountant: Gerardo Juarez





This article is part of a series of profiles aiming to offer a glimpse of how we make work meaningful at HP. If you're curious to learn more about us and the opportunities we offer, please visit hp.com/jobs.

In this installment, meet marathon runner and accountant Gerardo Juarez.

HP volunteer honored with giant panda adoption






When it comes to helping endangered species and protecting the planet, Joyce Kwan goes all in. She took the polar bear plunge—twice!—submerging herself in freezing water to raise funds and awareness for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada. She also volunteered for WWF as a recipient of an HP Time Off Community Support Grant. Joyce, a business operation manager with Worldwide Takeback Operations, developed a toolkit to build community and corporate support for conservation activities. Joyce shared her experience.

HP’s Graduate Program gives a great start to a global business career in IT


Sales grad.JPG


The HP Sales Graduate Program was a good door opener to my future career. And it turned out to be so much more than that. We operate in a global team consisting of around 30 people from Germany, Spain, France, Finland, Denmark and Great Britain. And the good side is that we’re all located in the same office. We easily meet and talk on products and share good case practices, not to mention the Spanish cooking classes, wine tastings and escape rooms we usually go to after work.


By Henriikka Heikkilä

Hire for attitude, train for skills



The biggest challenge in my life was to give myself the chance to work at a company and for a process on which I had never had any experience before. HP is definitely a place that gives people the confidence and the tools to become better every day. To become an expert at unimaginable things!


By Adriana Arellano

Wellness in the office: a story with continuation from Bulgaria



A lot of companies have wellness programs. But at HP we also have an amazing team of employee volunteers who bring this program to life: here is a short glimpse of what our Wellness ambassadors do in Bulgaria!


By Korneliya Ivanova, Galya Ikonomova and Radoslava Dermishkova

Wroclaw Finance team: a world-class example



In a hardware-oriented company like HP, innovation means new products. However, as a Finance function, I like to focus more on the innovation that we’re doing around people, engagement, processes, and automation. In my 10 years with HP, some of the things we previously did manually are now completely automated, and we see great examples of that every day - people pushing the boundaries.


By Claire Bramley

From Mexico to Poland with HP Finance


Before graduating I was a little lost as I didn’t know where I would find a job. Then two of my friends started working for HP. I remember that I picked up my diploma on Wednesday, on Friday I went for an interview, and on Monday I was already working in Accounts Receivables at HP. Originally I wanted to be an aeronautic engineer. To be honest, I think I’m a frustrated engineer. Now I’m happy with my career in Finance.


By Leo Diaz

You get what you give



Here’s a brief tale about my internship at HP. This experience taught me the importance of a stimulating working environmental and the impact it has both on my performance and everyday life.


By Gilberto Casteluzzo

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How my internship kick-started my career

Ramon.jpgLast winter I applied for a Marketing internship at HP. At that time I had no idea that my life would change so much. During that internship, I faced a lot of interesting challenges, met awesome people, trained and got trained and got a great opportunity. Here is just a little hint of what I did that this past summer.


By Ramon Marquart

How YEN is Shaping the Next Generation of Leaders

teaser to crop.jpg


It is said that the workforce of today now has four generations working together. With this vast array of diverse employees, come see how the early career employees adapt and learn in an ever-changing industry.


By Brad Nease

A look back on my first 18 months at HP

teaser 2.JPG



Prior to joining HP, I had worked at tech startups, so HP was my first big company experience.   Being so, there was a bit of hesitation when the opportunity to join HP arose.  But in the end, I decided that I had nothing to lose, so I accepted the offer, moved to Silicon Valley, and started my role as a Community Manager at HP.


By Debbie Lee, Community Manager

HP Reinventors - Meet Chris Morgan



In our Reinventors series, we meet employees whose curiosity and commitment has led them to explore, learn, and drive change—in their careers, in HP, or in the world. In this, the first of our Reinventors series, we meet Chris whose interest in robots helped shape his career.

Come on in, Localization!

Chen 3.JPG


One of our top interns, Chen, is building a real-time indoor localization system at Emerging Compute Lab of HP Labs. Indoor location capacities enable people to obtain their positions and to enjoy a variety of location-based services in complex indoor environments even if GPS does not work well.


By Chen Qiu

Yay to the new HP Young Employee Network (YEN) in Germany



A group of employees in Germany got together and came up with the idea to launch a network to exchange and create possibilities for personal and professional development at HP.


Young Employee Network (YEN) Germany gets started. The first cool activities have already taken place.


By YEN Leadership

Reinventing “You”

teaser pic.png


It is not required that you have a varied career at HP – you can choose to stay in business operations or engineering or design throughout your entire career if that is your preference.  But if you’re like me and want to gain new skills and shift your thinking now and then, HP is a great place to do it! 


By Jenn Stephens

Silicon Valley Notes: Two great questions

Kriti teaser.JPG

 Photo credit: TheMuse.com for HP

I was asked 2 great questions this week related to personal and professional development. A topic that I think of frequently and work on continuously.


Firstly, how do you manage to carve out time for your own development and keep growing yourself? And, secondly, how do you foster a learning culture in your organization?


Kriti Kapoor

Director, Global Social Customer Care

Follow Kriti: on LinkedIn & Twitter 


Summer 2016 interns at HP Labs – Baris Unver



Baris Unver was born in Istanbul, Turkey, where he began coding and building electronic systems as a young teen. He attended the Kuleli Military High School and Turkish Military Academy, receiving a BSc in systems engineering, before embarking on twelve years of military service in the Turkish Gendarmerie’s Signals Corps. He then studied for an MSc in information technology at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey and is now enrolled as a Ph.D. student in computer science at the University of Minnesota, where he is focusing on human-computer interaction within GroupLens Research.


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist

Repost from HP Labs Blog

Summer 2016 interns at HP Labs – Xi Liu

Xi Liu.jpg


Michigan State University Ph.D. student Xi Liu is interning this summer in HP’s Print and 3D Lab, where she’s excited to be taking on new challenges in data mining, her main area of research interest. “Some companies just tell their interns what to work on,” she notes. “But at HP Labs, you can find something that both you and your advisors care about, so it's a great opportunity to get interesting work done.” Xi grew up in the heart of the ancient Chinese city of Xi’an and attended the Xi’an Jiaotong University, where she received her BS in electrical engineering. She’s now a rising fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in computer science and engineering at Michigan State. Outside of work, she likes to hike and play the violin.


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist

Repost from HP Labs Blog

Summer 2016 interns at HP Labs – Camille Eddy



Camille Eddy has wanted to be an astronaut since the age of twelve. That led the native of Idaho to focus on engineering and computer science as she was home schooled through high school and then to major in mechanical engineering at Boise State, where she’s a rising senior. “I see robots and artificial intelligence as having some really cool applications for space and for technology in general, and I just want to keep driving towards that,” she says. Already making her mark, Eddy was chosen to introduce President Obama when he visited Boise State to speak about education and innovation last year and is the recent recipient of a McNair Scholarship, a program that prepares students who are traditionally underrepresented in graduate education for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities.


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist

Repost from HP Labs Blog