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“Oh, you make computers, right?”

In recent weeks you’ve heard from a number of contributors across various subjects on what it’s like to work at Hewlett Packard. Whether that is as an intern, a graduate, a regular employee, or a woman within HP. Without a doubt, conveying the employee experience to candidates is prime amongst the goals of the HP Careers Blog. And will continue to be.


As a Talent Acquisition Consultant HP, one of the most surprising things you hear from candidates is, what does HP do? But when you stop and think about the question, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. Of course, every candidate will know of HP in a vague ‘oh, you make computers’ sort of way.  Which is true. But one of the tasks of a Talent Acquisition Consultant on your early headhunting or screening call is to convey the sense of excitement about what HP actually does.


So, how about some information that you may not be aware of to give you a better idea of who HP is?


Let’s start at the beginning.





HP is recognized as the symbolic founder of Silicon Valley. Starting operations from that famous one car garage in Palo Alto, California. Today, Palo Alto and surrounds is the leading hub, worldwide, for high technology organisations and start-ups. Innovation was the cornerstone of that early business partnership and HP hasn't stopped since. 


Innovate or die…


Staying at the forefront of technology innovation is never easy. Thankfully, HP Labs, HP’s research and development arm, is a global leader in developing revolutionary technologies that address the most complex questions and important opportunities facing HP’s customers and society. For over forty years, HP Labs has brought together Engineers, Technicians, Post-doctoral candidates, interns and graduates who work together to create the future. Here are just a couple of selected important innovations to come out of HP Labs:


  • The world’s first commercially available LED in 1966
  • The first laser interferometer capable of measuring to millionths of an inch in 1971
  • The first programmable scientific pocket calculator in 1972Laserjet.jpg
  • The First commercial laser printer in 1980
  • Invention of RISC based chips in 1986
  • Researchers produce technology that enables a gene array product for DNA analysis in 1997
  • Researchers create the technology for the first rewritable DVD system (DVD+RW) compatible with standard DVD players in 2002
  • HP Scientists invent the Memristor in 2008
  • HP reinvents computing architecture with “The Machine” in 2014 

People focus


Ideas and innovation are important. And without people, the right people, you can have neither. As a result, people are HP’s biggest asset. HP currently employs over 300,000 people across the globe. Right now, there are job opportunities in over 60 countries. From Algeria to Venezuela. Commencing employment with HP is just the start of the journey though. The investment in areas such as Learning & Development and Wellness activities & support is significant.




But what about the products?


There is no doubt about it. Computer hardware is what most people associate with HP. They’re not wrong, HP is a market leader in Desktops, Laptops & Notebooks, Tablets, Servers, Printers, Networking Hardware – the business divisions within HP that produce these products are either leading the way or focused on continuing to grow market share to achieve “Number 1” status.





That’s not all there is though. HP is actually one of the largest software companies in the world and the largest provider of Enterprise Services. Custom Applications, infrastructure Projects, Business Services and other service related products form a large part of HP’s portfolio.




When you put all this together, it’s not surprising that HP is considered the largest technology company in the world. A fact which provides opportunities for career development and advancement that are only limited by your imagination.


Peruse open job opportunities at HP and apply now here www.hp.com/careers









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