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Netherlands Intern Series - Part 2

Hewlett-Packard holds intern programs around the world. These avenues of employment with HP exist in many countries. On April 1 2014, fifteen interns commenced with HP in the Netherlands. This is the second post in a series highlighting the experience of these Dutch interns. What they are doing with HP? What are the benefits of the experience to them? What do they find interesting? 


The feedback on the experience of these interns helps HP to better shape the Internship Program. In addition, what they have to say can provide valuable insight for you when determining your own career direction. 


Team HP - By Arthur Van Riet


Time flies when you’re having fun! It has been just over a two months since I started my internship at Hewlett-Packard, but the time has really flown by. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of new hires experience the same feeling.


Young Experienced Event.jpg


At HP there’s no time to be bored. In my time here so far there have been plenty of opportunities to be involved and engaged. I especially enjoyed the “Young & Experienced” event organized by the Young Employee Network where I had the chance to talk to HP Country Manager Netherlands Bart Hogendoorn. This, to me, really shows how accessible and willing everyone is at HP. From the colleague a desk over, to the Managing Director in country. It really makes the company feel like one big team.


One of the benefits of the HP Netherlands internship program is that I started with 14 other interns. From day one, getting together as a group has been an important part of the program. As have the training sessions we experience. We regularly get challenged to set up an event ourselves. Although we’re still in the process of organizing, it already has a positive influence on the atmosphere and this brought us together.


My time at HP has been really valuable to me in a lot of other ways. I’m writing my thesis while working for a global company and gaining experience. As an International Business and Languages student, I am an intern within the SMB sales team, part of the Enterprise Group. My task is to identify opportunities and improve sales coverage within SMB sales, which will be part of my thesis project. For this project I have a coach, Sander, who warmly welcomed me and is always willing to help.


Sander & Arthur.jpg


So far, HP has been a really positive experience for me. Something that makes me feel excited about the experience is that I can see that there are a lot of opportunities provided by HP. It’s just a matter of taking them. 


Visit HP’s Student & Graduate Careers page for more information or to apply for Graduate and Intern related roles please click here - http://bit.ly/HPInternships 

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