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Earlier in the year, I wrote a post about the Learning & Development model at Hewlett Packard. The model comprises three key planks. Learning; by experience, from relationships, and through education.Today’s post on the HP Careers Blog focuses on one aspect of learning through education – classroom learning.


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From an early age, all of us are exposed to formal learning environments. It starts in Kindergarten or Pre School where we’re exposed to, for the first time, the teacher. Throughout Primary School, Middle School, High School and our Tertiary education, the teacher has been front and centre in our experience. Delivering knowledge in a formal environment that historically, has had a focus on rote learning. For each of us, that experience has been different, some thrive, some struggle, but in most cases, the outcome is positive. We’re delivered to society as a fully functioning adult. Able to think, read, write, and work with numbers. University specialises our knowledge further so that we can embark on a successful career.


But education doesn’t stop there. Nor should it.


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For me, one of the greatest things about working for HP is the focus on learning. The opportunities to expand your skills through the HP Learning Model are everywhere. And for me, life in the classroom at HP, is phenomenally fun and enriching. 


Right noDirectors Shot.jpgw, today, there are 73 courses open for registration that commence within the next 60 days. These are courses that inv
olve face to face instruction at a HP training room. They cover subjects as diverse as:


  •          Leadership
  •          Change Management
  •          Project Management
  •          Business Communication
  •          Cultural Partnerships
  •          Sales Training
  •          Problem Solving
  •          and many more

All of these classes are led by an experienced teacher – HP’s Learning Delivery Instructors. And they are a great group of people who have an obvious focus on student engagement.               


Each instructor led class I have attended at HP has been a wonderful experience. The classes are focused on enabling you as a participant to digest the material. That doesn’t mean that they’re not enjoyable or interactive. Far from it. For those of you that have attended University, I would liken the HP Instructor led classes to being most like a cross between a Lecture and a Tutorial but with a more relaxed flavour.


The HP Classroom is an emotionally and intellectually safe space. Instructors focus on ensuring that all participants are comfortable with each other and are not afraid to participate in the learning experience. To that end, there are always opportunities for the class to get up off the chairs and move around. A real effort is made to keep the energy in the room.


                          NME Costa Rica A.jpg


Speaking with instructors around the globe, it’s clear that the work they do is driven by the learning experience. Andrew Sotiropoulos, APJ L&D Delivery Instructor says, "It’s not about us, it’s about the
participants". I can hear the passion in his voice when he speaks about the participants in his classrooms. He goes on to say, “I love when we hear the words ‘It’s really making sense now’ and ‘I just had an insight’”. These types of comments are reflected by his peers and in the learning outcomes that HP’s L&D team are able to achieve.


With continued learning a big factor in career advancement, working at an organisation that places such a high value on L&D means that I am confident that I’ll have the tools and knowledge to continue to move forward at HP with my own career.


What has been your most enjoyable experience in the classroom?


Accompanying this post are numerous photos from our L&D team delivering training around the world. 

on ‎06-29-2014 06:09 AM

Would love to be a part of HP with the project management team.

by Adam_Buck
on ‎06-30-2014 06:39 PM

Hi Swagatam, 


Thanks for commenting. Check out www.hp.com/careers for opportunities in your location and stay tuned for upcoming posts from our Talent Acquisition Team.



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