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When one of my colleagues told me I should write a blog about a day in my life at HP, I was not sure I would have enough writing material. I usually consider my work days busy, challenging, rewarding…but never interesting for others. But then, thinking about it … I could honestly say that throughout the last 8 years spent at HP, I couldn't remember a day when I was bored or had nothing to do. From business operations roles to global project management, HP is the place to be if you have fresh ideas, value innovation and want to make the world a better place. Working in such a dynamic environment, with so many learning opportunities and meeting so many people globally has really paid off from me. I have had the chance to change jobs internally and work on things I’m passionate about like brand and digital media.


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So here it is, a day in my HP life, as seen through my eyes:

8 A.M. Alarm doesn't go off, but I immediately jump out of bed. I get my phone from the bedside table, this time - fully charged. I see the e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter icons turned out, bleeping. 2 calendar reminder for my 9.30 meeting & an SMS from my friend “Let’s meet for coffee”. Checking email rapidly, I already have 25 new in my inbox. Being located in Bucharest, Romania – I get all my emails from Americas and Asia Pacific overnight. I rush to work, even though I only spend 5 minutes on the road.

9 A.M. Getting some water and a coffee from the HP cafeteria, I catch up on email and write a “Good morning” message on our OneHP virtual group to my local team. Everybody’s already at work and you can feel the good vibe.

10 A.M. I’m in my first call with my Australian counterpart – Adam. It’s 6 PM for him and he’s preparing to leave the office. We chat on the employer brand workshop we’ve recently done for our digital media teams and the campaigns on the HP Careers Facebook page. He sends me his latest blog, to share out externally.

11 A.M. I get a visit from my hp.com Project manager. We have launched the HP Careers– HP jobs site for mobile devices and he’s checking to see if everything is ok. Now that’s what I call “customer service”.

11.30 A.M. I meet with my local wellness team – we plan on having the Wellness week at HP next month and we have lots of things to do, from fruit distribution logistics to sending out the wellness communication to +3500 employees onsite. We check who missed joining the Global Wellness Challenge and we joke about chasing them on the hallways for some extra steps to add.

At lunch I meet with my colleagues from Total Rewards and Talent Acquisition. They are working with the management team on a plan to keep HP as an “employer of choice” in Romania. We chat on employer brand collateral, check the current University brochure and the voice of workforce results. Plus, as it’s a sunny day, we get to eat outside, on a terrace in the HP Campus.

2 P.M. Finishing a presentation to my manager on a new challenging project. We discuss the layout, the functionality and the ROI of this implementation. I remember I still need to check with the vendor on the analytics piece, so I send them a quick note.

3 P.M. Team call with my virtual peers in U.S. We discuss next month’s campaigns, the Digital media trainings and doing more Hangouts.

4 P.M. I get a live demo from a vendor on a new digital media product. Need to think about next year’s budget and how we can include this.

6 P.M. Preparing to leave the office, I see my colleagues going to the Tai-chi classes on site. I feel bad I’ve left my sports equipment at home today. On the road back home, guess what – I still check Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to see how our campaigns are performing. Turns out one of our Brazil posts about a new HP site opening is doing awesome – it has reached 12,000 people online!

Dinner, a walk in the park, an episode from “House of cards” and a long bubble bath is all I need to recharge my batteries for the next day. And yes, it’s going to be a long but beautiful one.


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Catalina Radulescu is the Global Employer Brand Lead for Global Talent Acquisition. She is also the Lead for the EMEA region’s Talent Acquisition Employer Brand and Digital Media at HP. Catalina has been with HP for 8 years, having held various roles in Business operations and Human Resources. She graduated from the University of Bucharest with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has over 5 years of experience in talent acquisition, sourcing and digital marketing. She is passionate about blogging and travelling.  You can connect with Catalina on LINKEDIN and Twitter.

Post initially published on LinkedIn

by priyankasingh
on ‎06-06-2014 05:10 PM
I wish that your this site will be useful for all youth like me
on ‎06-08-2014 03:58 AM

I agree with the majority of the points in this article however it doesn't really go into HOW to find a job. So far, the best I've seen is this article (http://uzairstheoryofeverything.com/?p=137) on this.
Anyone else have anything better?

by Celinda_Appleby
on ‎06-10-2014 07:34 AM

Uzairs - you are correct! This post was not about "how to find a job" but sharing a "day in the life". I skimmed over your blog post that you linked and I can see the value added for new graduates. Thanks for sharing your insight.


Priyan - thanks for the comment! Please let us know how we can improve the site. We LOVE feedback!


HP Careers team

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