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Intern Experience - A UK Perspective

Ben Sampson.jpgIn this blog post, Ben Sampson, an intern and New Business & Governance Specialist within the UK&I Engagement Customer Operations Team discusses his intern placement with Hewlett-Packard.


I can’t believe how quickly my placement is going. The time is absolutely flying by. My HP internship has been invaluable to me in so many different ways. I have been given loads of opportunities to contribute to the business and training that has developed me both professionally and personally. My whole placement has been a pleasure, right from the start. The hiring process was great and included an assessment day which was filled with friendly people and assessments ranging from an interview to group work, which was amazing.


My team sits within Technology Services Consulting as part of the Enterprise Group. My role is to facilitate the sales team to book their orders and to provide support to the UK & Ireland Engagement Customer Operations Team. The first months were frantic, with a lot of onboarding. There was a vast amount of knowledge that had to be taken on quickly to enable me to take over from the previous intern. After learning how to perform the role, how HP works and its internal processes it took a few months for me to feel settled and able to execute my responsibilities. I have continued to grow and I am now able to perform with confidence. Another aspect that has made my internship so great is the community that I am a part of, we regularly meet up and have Intern events.




Since starting I have been encouraged by my Manager to develop myself. I have a voice here, so I am able to offer ideas that drive improvements. My first piece of innovation came about when I reviewed my role and the processes for which I am responsible for to see if I could streamline anything. An example of how I have done this is introducing a “Progress Log”, created in association with a colleague in Sales Support. The purpose of this progress log is to keep track of where the orders are and what actions need to be taken, a one-stop spreadsheet for all to view. This has reduced the workload and pressure at month end. In addition this has helped me to develop my time management and organisational skills.


Balloon Race Group.jpgOn top on the busy New Business and Governance role, I am the charity champion for the Intern’s Charity of choice, Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice. This forms part of the Intern Committee which has been a great experience and has led to many charity events. This work has linked in with the Bracknell Site Charity enabling my networking skills. It is great to be a part of successful events that I have helped organize. Such as; Balloon Launch, 24 Hour Row and Christmas Market, which I have played an active role in.


The charity target set at the beginning of the year was £5,000 and so far we have raised £5,400, which is a great achievement, particularly with more events planned. Additional to this I have been assisting with helping plan events to raise the overall Intern Charity target of £70K.


This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I would recommend the HP Internship to anyone, I am very much looking forward to the rest of my career here and will continue to develop my skills and knowledge.


To find out how you too can obtain an Internship at HP, check out our open opportunities at http://bit.ly/HPInternships


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on ‎04-01-2014 10:58 AM


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