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HP Internship Malaysia - Start Your Career with Success

HP Internship Malaysia - Start Your Career with Success - By Yong Kent Tan


Being one of the world’s largest IT companies, I knew that doing an internship at Hewlett-Packard would help me to explore and learn all about the latest technologies. Having studied Network and Mobile computing as part of my Bachelor degree at INTI Internal University in Malaysia, I was really keen to continue to develop my skills and move into Enterprise systems and mobile application development.




It was fantastic that HP offered me an internship opportunity. It was not something I was expecting. At the time of applying, although my results were good, I did not have any prior work related experience. The assignment has helped me tremendously; to build upon the knowledge I gained in university, and to develop critical professional skills to be successful in implementing work projects.


During my internship, the team I was a part of was working on a Mobile Applications project. I received an opportunity to be directly engaged in real, meaningful work that had tangible benefits for our customers. The project entailed developing a mobile application in the HP Anywhere platform. The objective of the Mobile Application Lifecycle Management (MobileALM) is to provide the user a mobile interface of the Application Lifecycle Management application, allowing developers to update and check their change request status anywhere, anytime. In addition this application would also allow the Development Manager and Testing Manager to trace their project team status directly on their phones.


IMG 1-33.jpg


This project won second place in the HP Malaysia Tech Day event which is a premier internal event hosted annually to showcase innovation at HP.  Last year there were more than 10 ideas/applications presented, the Anywhere ALM mobile application was one of them.


The best moment for me during my internship was being involved in this Tech Day event. It provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn how to showcase innovative ideas. Further to that, being part of the team and working on the presentation for the project helped me gain further knowledge on how to successfully work in a group on presentations.




Today I am a HP employee. Part of the Enterprise Services, Development Services team. Without my internship at HP I would have been less likely to be have joined HP as a full time regular employee. To all students considering HP internships I would say that HP is a good place for you to learn and grow your career. 


Visit HP’s Student & Graduate Careers page for more information or to apply for Graduate and Intern related roles please click here - http://bit.ly/HPInternships 

by Thanos
on ‎07-07-2014 06:16 AM

Dear all,

How can someone apply for a position in the development team of yours?

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

Best Regards,

by Adam_Buck
on ‎07-07-2014 10:16 PM

Hi Thanos, 


Thanks for the question. The best way to apply is to head on over to www.hp.com/careers and search for a role that suits your skill set. 


If you're looking for jobs in the Application Services team, which is where most of these development roles are, check out the link to the custom search that I have made for you - http://bit.ly/1sqiw1t - This brings up all jobs in the Services space featuring Applications or Development in the title. You can refine this further by selecting your country. 


Good luck!



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