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Global Procurement Rotational Experience Program (PREP) is looking for talented students!

Global Procurement at HP




Global Procurement (GP) is an organization within HP’s Technology & Operations division. Specifically, GP is responsible for managing HP’s indirect spend on all non-production goods and services. The indirect spend categories can range from advertising to third-party labor and travel. Simply, GP is accountable for HP’s indirect procurement and determines what needs to be purchased in order to operate successfully around the globe.


Global Procurement has a presence in each region across the world. However, GP’s primary hubs have been established in Malaysia, Mexico, Romania, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States.  


Each individual within GP comes from a diverse academic and professional background. As a result, our department is filled with employees who have multiple skill sets. Consequentially, this diversity allows our leaders to bring in and collaborate with people who can provide fresh perspectives on each GP initiative.


Office life within Global Procurement


The Global Procurement (GP) organization fosters a culture of empowerment and openness.  Every individual within GP has the ability to take ownership on numerous projects that can influence the organization’s goals.  Micro-management is nonexistent in GP due to the open door policy we employ at the vice-president and director levels. The openness invites an atmosphere of collaboration between managers and employees. In essence, every employee feels connected and involved with the leadership team.




New team members quickly assimilate into the ranks of GP thanks to an onboarding week orchestrated by our Procurement Capabilities team. New hires are given an in depth look in to each of the 8 categories of Global Procurement. Moreover, new hires are provided a holistic view of how GP fits into the entire structure of HP.  




Global Procurement also has partnerships with different business units in HP and can provide employees the opportunity to be involved with other HP organizations. For instance, GP is heavily involved in the Young Employee Network (YEN), which sponsors countless volunteer and social events in the surrounding communities. Overall,GP conveys a culture of having fun, which ultimately brings out the best in new hires and constantly allows employees to deliver quality results.


Your career with Global Procurement


At GP, we recruit graduates who desire to grow and make a difference. As a leader in the procurement industry, we aim to provide world class services through billions of dollars of spend. Therefore, the talent we attract has the ability to flourish within a global organization.


HP Global Procurement (GP) offers university graduates the ability to develop best in-class leadership skills and procurement expertise, while also providing opportunities for career advancement.  Throughout our Global Procurement Rotational Experience Program (PREP), you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to influence HP’s performance.    

In terms of career advancement, GP has significantly invested in training and career development programs. Fundamentally, the programs are designed with one thing in mind - employee growth. Since HP fosters a culture of continuous improvement, GP offers a variety of development programs for employees who wish to meet their career goals.




What does this all mean? Simply, you have the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in one of the world’s most respected organizations. As a leading procurement organization, GP continues to support HP’s 1+ billion customers across 170+ countries.  


So check out some of our current graduate and internship opportunities with the GP team:


Plano, Texas, USA

Roseville, CA, USA

Guadalajara, Mexico

Bracknell, United Kingdom


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