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Making a Difference in people’s lives is what inspires me. My name is Susan Graye. I am the Staffing Manager for HP’s ES US Public Sector. Our organization creates innovative solutions for US government clients. Professionally, I lead a collaborative team of professionals who are charged with identifying talent who will create our future. Personally, I am the proud of mother of three sons.


Why a blog?


Sharing the great work the Public Sector does and more about how each of you can make an impact is my mission through this blog. The Public Sector organization consists of a number of business segments and organizations including Strategy, Civilian Agencies, Federal Healthcare, State & Local Government, Navy Marine, DoD DHS, Applications, Leveraged Delivery and Consulting and Intel. In forthcoming blogs I will provide you an inside glimpse of each organization, how our professionals are making a difference and highlight key career opportunities.


Career Opportunities in the public sector are vast and include technology consulting, application development, sales, marketing, finance and more.


Our team interfaces with leading government organizations to make the world run more efficiently and effectively.


My Career Story


HP has provided me the opportunity to create the future. Since graduating from Michigan State University, I feel fortunate to have a career where I can help other invest their most precious resource - their time. Recruiting allows us to understand an individual’s goals and ambitions and help them find a position which will allow them to grow. 


My recruiting career has been focused on the technology market. I have worked with professionals who have created our future. My journey started as an executive recruiter working for a contingent agency. Ironically, my first big client was HP. It has been an exciting to watch the technology industry grow and to know I have had an impact in its growth.


My career at HP has included global roles where I helped drive recruitment strategy as well as leadership roles where I have focused on building strong cohesive teams and driving performance. I am proud of the individuals I have mentored who are now HR leaders in the technology industry.


HP’s focus on wellness and social innovation aligns with my passion for exercise and inspiration. I cycle for charity events and work to make a positive impact in my actions both personally and professionally. I was fortunate to be on team HP and participate in the MS 150 two years in a row to raise money for MS.


I love working at HP because of the amazing people, ability to make a difference, innovate and create tomorrow.


Let’s inspire each other


We've got a big mission within the HP U.S. Public Sector organization and we are continuously looking for innovative and results oriented individuals to join our team. I encourage you to come back for more info on the blog and join the conversation on our HP U.S. Public Sector group on LinkedIn. You can also learn more or learn about current career opportunities at our U.S. Public Sector Careers site.


Thanks again for stopping by and looking forward to sharing more with you about all the exciting things going on with HP Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector organization!


- Susan 


Susan Graye is the Enterprise Services US Public Sector Staffing Organization leader at HP. She has worked in the staffing organization for HP for over nine years in a variety of global and regional roles. Her passions include wellness, social innovation and education and is based in Houston, TX.  Connect with Susan on LinkedIn.



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on ‎08-09-2013 07:24 AM

Nice blog Susan - enjoyed reading it! 


I also like the idea that we could post some key wins and corresponding career opportunities.  I was thinking that maybe there could be some collaboration with ERC messages where they could have a hot link to a key win description that would get potential candidates excited about the opportunity of working on a newly won deal...

on ‎06-24-2016 05:14 PM

I am here for a little while. This is my seven. Love your invisble one.

on ‎06-24-2016 05:19 PM

Model Code: NP-R540-JA09US

Thats the most Alien Laptop that could ever be found!

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