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By: Intern Jennifer


Jennifer.jpgJust like the other fourteen interns, I started at HP on 1 April 2014. I am part of HP Enterprise Security Services (ESS). During the next few months, I will develop a Go-To-Market plan that encompasses a documentation and optimization of sales procedures and processes for security solutions in Sweden. For someone like me, with no technical background, it took a while to understand the ins and outs of this department and in particular its portfolio. Still, I can’t call myself a security technology expert, but I’m driven to learn.


So far HP has definitely provided me opportunities to gain more knowledge about HP and the business world in general.



One of these opportunities was the master class ‘’Security in the Cloud.’’ This master class was organized for students who have affinity with security technology or who would like to know more than just simply put a lock on the laptop. I decided to participate so I could create a clear image of the gaining importance of security technology. Nowadays society cannot live without a mobile device anymore. The newest apps, the best smartphones and the lightest ultra-books – everyone is up-to-date.


Though, people have no idea about how much information they’re spreading unconsciously nor do they know what the so-called intangible Cloud is.



Although the Cloud was called intangible during the master class, this was proven wrong when all the HP Netherlands interns went to the HP datacenter in Roosendaal. The datacenter hasn’t specifically anything to do with my research, but it was still an interesting visit. We were guided around by an HP data manager with great expertise about data management. We were informed about data storage, the maintenance of the datacenter, the storage rooms, and the cloud. As we were walking through the data storage room, we saw a black cabinet, the so-called Cloud, which came upon every training and event I attended the last couple of weeks. The Cloud became tangible and wasn’t as simple as it looks like. In contrary, it contains complicated wiring and data on the inside. Following the visit to the datacenter, I volunteered at the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) in Rotterdam. HP was present at the SEM as one of Shell’s global partners in innovation. We didn’t participate in the challenge for most energy-efficient vehicle, but had a stand in Shell’s Energy Lab. The Energy Lab consisted of several activities for children to make them more aware about sustainability. Our activity involved recycling; recycling cd disk drives. The challenge was to disassemble the disk drives as fast as you can and find the printed circuit board. The person who found this board first was crowned King or Queen of recycling.



In my opinion the Energy Lab is the perfect initiative to invest in our future by making children aware of the energy waste and sustainability in a playful way.


Shell Eco Marathon.jpg



Two months ago, Jennifer started her internship at HP Enterprise Security Services. Next to her position as an HP intern, she is also a last-year International Business and Languages student. The choice for this education is closely related to her hobbies: travelling and exploring the world.

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