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The Global IT organization consists of 8,000 team members located all over the globe.  From India to Germany, the United States to Japan, Ireland to Malaysia, IT is a worldwide community dedicated to worldwide service.


The IT organization is the backbone of HP, providing services and support for the various business units.  IT owns the systems for company email, HP.com, sales applications, and support of third-party applications.  When someone in HP needs information, IT is there with world-wide access to our network.  With HPIT’s commitment to new Big Data and Cloud services, HP will have all the tools to provide its customers with the high quality of service they expect.


Information Technology covers a wide spectrum of services, so HP needs a wide spectrum of skills from the IT team members. IT teams include programmers, installation technicians, network engineers, web developers, and world-class cyber security experts. Technology is an always changing industry, so HPIT is filled with people eager to continue learning.


The leadership team is comprised of highly experienced individuals, knowledgeable in the cutting edge technologies that will ensure HP’s place in the industry.  HP has five business-aligned CIOs to support their sector, and another four executives that provide support to all of HP. This team of leaders guides HPIT to the right choices, and supports their respective teams with the attention and knowledge they need to win in the industry.


HP IT knows the importance of a great work environment




Work doesn’t have to be, well, work.  The workplace culture can be the difference between ‘having to wake up’ and ‘excited to get there’. HP is full of energetic employees, and hosts special events tailored to bringing them together. HP believes in cultivating the next generation of great innovators, and that starts with providing an enjoyable work environment.




Here at HP, everyone from recent hires to executives sit in the same work space.  Our leadership is approachable, and always willing to listen to new ideas on how HP can excel.  HP supports a community of open conversation, because ideas can only become innovation when they are shared.


New employees are welcomed by a strong team of experienced members who guide them through the HP onboarding process.  HP’s extensive online course options allow employees to brush up on what they know, or jump into something they’ve always wanted to learn.  Some teams hold weekly forums for recent hires and long-time employees to ask questions and find answers. HP isn’t just a company, it’s a family that supports its employees, and serves its customers.




In Austin, HP has hosted several events this year to bring the community closer together, such as outdoor picnics and carnivals.  There are many events each month to meet co-workers and socialize, including volunteer events, lunchtime presentations, and after-work events.  HP’s commitment to employees is easy to see with comfortable work environments, career development workshops, and award-winning benefits.  


HP IT is looking for people like you


Hewlett-Packard was founded on ideals of hard work and a commitment to excellence.  HP is a strong presence in the technology industry, and we must continue our tradition of hard work to keep HP on top.  HP needs the top-talent of the next generation to provide insight on upcoming technologies, new outlooks on old processes, and fresh ideas for new services HP can offer. HP is looking for those eager to say ‘yes’ to challenges and opportunities, willing to run to the fire.  With initiative and determination, anyone exhibiting the core values of HP can find a rewarding role here in HP.


So check out some of our current graduate and internship opportunities with the IT team:


Alpharhetta, GA, USA

Austin, TX, USA

Houston, TX, USA

Leixlip, Ireland


Jordan Ryan is a project manager on Hewlett-Packard’s Global Telecom team.  He came to HP as a college hire after graduating from the University of Texas, and has been guiding projects to completion for HP since January of 2013. 


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