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5 Reasons You Should Join HP

By: Sharon Sun


“What is the main reason why do YOU think I should join HP?” Picture 1.jpg


This was the question that caught me off guard from an interview last week. And even though I could´ve started explaining that we are one of the world´s largest technology companies, ranked 15 in the Fortune 500 list… I decided to give him the reasons why I joined HP. But I couldn´t just respond with one answer, it was like asking me to choose which of my children I loved the most!


So I decided to tell him my top 5.


From my personal perspective, these are five reasons why you should join HP:


1) Our people … Our Culture


I´ll be completely honest, where I come from, HP´s culture is legendary. This is a place where all our people come together to make a difference and inspire others. It doesn´t matter what business unit you belong to, if you need assistance with any issue, you will have more than a pair of hands to help you out. You are sure to find in each cafeteria, online meeting or virtual conference room an intergenerational exchange of ideas, whether it´s from a senior member or an intern, all suggestions are taken in.


2) We develop you to grow


HP believes in the power of people, as collaborators, we are given all the tools necessary through trainings, coaching programs and online courses, to not only master your current role but, to develop your career in the direction you want it to go. I am amazed by our new reverse mentoring program, where our senior managers and VPs get coached on how to use the new trends such as social media and new technologies, by recent graduate employees. At HP I´ve learned that there are no limits to learning.


3) When we say MAKE IT MATTER… we mean it!


I love how HP supports any initiative to make a difference, not only in our community but in different places around the globe. This year we were able to participate in with an extraordinary organization named KIVA, where HP gave each employee $25 to lend funds to a borrower who wants to get a head in their business that could be anywhere in the world. This is much more than just lending money, we are sending a message… we believe in you, we know you can do it.

I have also been lucky to participate teaching children, building parks, reaching out to soon to be professionals reassuring that they can make a difference in their life, they too can Make It Matter.


4) The best tools available


One of the greatest things about working in a world renowned tech company is that we are always up to date with the technology, we are using the best tools to get our job done! We always have resources available that encourages us to work smarter, not harder.


5) Where work and life are actually balanced.


HP promotes employee wellness through sports activities, finance and motivational seminars, making sure employees are satisfied in all aspects of their daily life. With flexible schedules and events like “take your child to work day” my children feel proud and motivated to do their best in school so they can work in a “fun company like mommy does”!


For all these reasons and more, I can say I am #HPProud, and invite you to our HP Careers page to seek opportunities so you can join our family.


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Sharon joined HP in 2013 as a Strategic Sourcing Lead for Talent Acquisition. She is a going green psychologist, a loving mother and wife who loves giving career advice to those who need it. Connect with Sharon on LinkedIn.

on ‎06-17-2014 07:28 AM


Sharon this is a great article!! Congratulations!!


You reflected our feelings about HP and our culture, HP is not only about technology, is about our customers,the community, our employees, and the great people you meet and learn from and build strong friendships, is the best place to work!! Once you work at HP you learn to love and respect the company, something that a lot of companies dream of!! We are a proud team because HP is  great and we make it matter!! HP ROCKS!!

on ‎06-17-2014 04:49 PM

Great blog Sharon!!

on ‎07-01-2014 06:24 AM

Way2Go, Sharon!!!  Great blog!  You definitely "MAKE IT MATTER"!! :-)

on ‎09-02-2014 01:12 AM

hi i was asking about is thier branches in egypt for hp employing the graduated people from 2 years ago?

by Adam_Buck
on ‎09-02-2014 02:44 AM

Hi Ahmed, 


There are opportunities periodically at HP in Egypt. 


The best course of action is to check out www.hp.com/careers and search for opportunities in Egypt. I would encourage you to apply. 


Good Luck


on ‎01-25-2015 06:05 PM

Hi Sharon,


I am interested in learning about entry level  customer service positions in your Hingham Massachusetts location. From what I understand, that location goes by the name of NHIC. Can you please help me or put me in touch with anyone else that can?


Thank you




Hi Kirk!


Here's a link towards all the openings we currently have in Hingham, Massachusetts -> http://hp.nu/HXPKc. My suggestion is first to upload your resume to our Data base and apply to the position you are looking for. The turnaround time for response is pretty quick.

Please keep us posted!





on ‎02-05-2015 07:18 PM

Hi Desiree,


Thank you for responding. I have been watching the NHIC site but have not seen a customer service position posted yet. There are two Provider Enrollment Specialist postings, so I applied to one of those. I realize that I do not have any experience at NHIC, and I suspect those will be filled by internal candidates.


I am interested in NHIC because it has a great reputation, it is close to my home, and I could apply my CMS DMEPOS knowledge and customer service service skills.


I have eleven years of experience in customer service in the Medicare department of a health insurance company. I left the company because the commute was two hours each way and I was offered a job at a local, well known company. Two years after taking the job, 1,200 employees were laid off, including me. Unfortunately I didn't know about NHIC, or I would not have left my original job until I had at least tried to get a job there.


Now I am working at something completely different, and I really miss being involved in Medicare servicing. I am hoping that my CMS DMEPOS knowledge and customer service skills would help to make me a good candidate for a position at NHIC.


Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


If you wish to PM me, please do, because I do not expect this posting to go onto the blog, unless you think it is approprate. My email address is; neprudkirk@gmail.com


Thank you,




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