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  • Taxes Turned Positive: Reinvest in Your SMB

    by HP-MikeH | 04-15-2014

    Taxes Marquee 0415.jpg


    Taxes are a pain.  Anybody that tells you otherwise works for the IRS. This year, though, it’s time to play it smart -- double down on your business using that tax refund. You ready to turn your taxes into a positive? Let’s do this...



  • HP RGS 7.0 & Z Turbo Drive: Solving Workstation Needs

    by HP-Jim | 04-08-2014



    We’ve just introduced the new business-ready Z Turbo storage drive for workstations, as well as the latest update to our real-time collaboration software – HP Remote Graphics Software 7.0 – making it easier for businesses to work anywhere and anytime...

  • The End of Microsoft XP

    by GizmoGladstone | 04-08-2014

    XP Migration.jpg


    Microsoft ends support for Windows XP today, but it won't be a sudden XPocalypse. However, if your business is still running XP, it will be increasingly vulnerable to intrusion in the future. The question, ultimately, isn’t whether you can afford to upgrade, it’s whether you can afford not to...

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