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  • Our customers reveal the ROI of their wireless LANs

    by | 07-17-2014



    I recently found myself explaining the wisdom of ROI to one of my children.  We had the opportunity to discuss the purchase of lots of cheap clothes that quickly fall apart versus a few well-made classics that will be worn for years to come – with a few fun accessories thrown in of course!

  • This Spam Story Is So LOL: A Look at Internet Slang Origins

    by | 07-16-2014


    How the both celebrated and maligned glazed meat went from being a popular breakfast companion with eggs to an internet term for unwelcome e-mail and advertisements is an amusing tale of early online geekery and singing Vikings.

  • IT Pros Discuss Their XP Migration Experiences

    by | 07-15-2014

    HP_SW_PANEL_Blog_V2 02 - image header for Buzz tab.jpg

    Here at HP, we wanted a better sense of how small businesses and organizations are handling the transition from Windows XP – a view from the trenches, if you will – so we’ve partnered with Spiceworks to convene a panel of IT professionals and hear directly from them regarding their migration experiences.

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