Printers, an Often Overlooked Component of IT Security

Guest blogger Shivaun Albright, on IT security and the new HP LaserJets. 

HP Survey Identifies Top Technology Concerns of SMBs

According to a recent HP survey of 750 small and mid-sized business[i], small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are over reliant on consumer technology that isn’t designed for their needs, they struggle to implement technology throughout their business, particularly for mobility; and they have a casual attitude towards security that could open them up to threats



Windows 10: Ready to Rock n’ Roll

With just a few hours until Microsoft’s official launch of Windows 10, lets give you a quick update on how things are going. We are ready!  



Improve customer engagement opportunities

The ability to handle wireless connections at wired speeds is leading to a whole new set of applications that will change the way we work and how we interact with customers. HP, by virtue of its recent acquisition of Aruba Networks, provides leading wireless connectivity that will help SMBs take advantage of new methods of customer engagement.

HP Twitter Chat 7/21: Let’s Talk Productivity

On July 21st at 1 p.m. ET, we will be on Twitter talking about productivity and what it means for small businesses with Ramon Ray of Small Business Technology and Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends.



Windows 10 Readiness: What to Expect on July 29

As we get closer to Windows 10 availability, I want to clearly explain how HP will deliver new devices with Windows 10 pre-installed to customers.



Differentiate learning with new education technology

Educators need technology that can cater to different learning styles, and HP can help.



Get your network ready to benefit from mobile productivity

Today’s trends in mobility and cloud computing offer significant opportunities to deploy productivity-enhancing tools. Modernizing their network infrastructure can help small and mid-sized businesses take advantage of these new ways to increase business productivity.

Time for a server refresh to boost productivity

Today's applications take advantage of advanced data processing to provide productivity-enhancing tools. But yesterday's technology isn't always powerful enough to support it. Modernizing the server platform can help small and mid-sized businesses get a head start on improving overall business productivity.

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Be Smart About Computer Security

HP can't help with tooth aches or car trouble, but the company has become a recognized expert in helping people and companies make smart decisions about computer security.

The Future of Services + Business Mobility

For today’s companies with limited IT staff and budget, managing the plethora of devices needs to be simple, affordable and complete. What if device management could be as simple as an app?



HP’s Journey to Windows 10

Our very own Mike Nash talks about HP's partnership with Microsoft and the succesful journey to Windows 10.



How advanced analytics can help SMBs grow their business

Connect Big.pngSmall and midsized companies are finding affordable CRM solutions help them quickly gain a lead on the competition. Does your business have the right IT foundation to support these data-intensive applications?

Open doors to new business with advanced analytics

Keeping close to your customer is important to growing a business. For small- and midsized businesses such relationships often helped them to get their start. Today’s mobile device movement has changed customer interactions. Learn how to take advantage of this change to build better relationships and attract new customers by upgrading your network to support CRM applications.

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How mobility is going to transform workflows

image001.pngYou hear a lot about “BYOD” and “consumerization of IT,” which is really about consumers bringing their devices into corporate networks and essentially using them to consume content. But mobility can do so much more for business than just change where we read email: it has the potential to dramatically transform workflows to make us more nimble, more connected, more productive, and, yes, to save money.


Managing IT Vulnerabilities in Your Office

Check out our full infographic for details on how security breaches impact a business’s bottom line, along with important factors to consider when establishing strategies to help prevent security breaches.




Cut long-term storage costs - here's how...

HP Storage Marquee.jpg 


As a community hospital, Mary Rutan Hospital is always seeking out ways to optimize its limited resources while meeting stringent compliance regulations. When some of the hospital’s existing technologies were nearing end-of-life, the hospital’s growth demanded more robust capabilities. And that’s when the Mary Rutan IT team decided to take a new look at their current storage environment. Read about how we were able to to help in this contributed post from Patty Lehan, Senior Director, North America Marketing, BridgeHead Software...



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Business Lessons from HBO’s Silicon Valley

Are you watching season two of HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley? While it’s definitely a fictionalized and exaggerated view, there are familiar elements that resonate with Silicon Valley lifers and newbies alike.



Performance at a Great Price: HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers

367AA Servers.jpg


Business IT needs run the gamut – from such basics as servers, storage and networking for effective IT computing and communication, to more advanced tools and analytics that can help your business do more to sustain long-term growth. Find out how HP ProLiant Gen9 servers can make a difference for your growing business...

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