How advanced analytics can help SMBs grow their business

Connect Big.pngSmall and midsized companies are finding affordable CRM solutions help them quickly gain a lead on the competition. Does your business have the right IT foundation to support these data-intensive applications?

Open doors to new business with advanced analytics

Keeping close to your customer is important to growing a business. For small- and midsized businesses such relationships often helped them to get their start. Today’s mobile device movement has changed customer interactions. Learn how to take advantage of this change to build better relationships and attract new customers by upgrading your network to support CRM applications.

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How mobility is going to transform workflows

image001.pngYou hear a lot about “BYOD” and “consumerization of IT,” which is really about consumers bringing their devices into corporate networks and essentially using them to consume content. But mobility can do so much more for business than just change where we read email: it has the potential to dramatically transform workflows to make us more nimble, more connected, more productive, and, yes, to save money.


Managing IT Vulnerabilities in Your Office

Check out our full infographic for details on how security breaches impact a business’s bottom line, along with important factors to consider when establishing strategies to help prevent security breaches.




Cut long-term storage costs - here's how...

HP Storage Marquee.jpg 


As a community hospital, Mary Rutan Hospital is always seeking out ways to optimize its limited resources while meeting stringent compliance regulations. When some of the hospital’s existing technologies were nearing end-of-life, the hospital’s growth demanded more robust capabilities. And that’s when the Mary Rutan IT team decided to take a new look at their current storage environment. Read about how we were able to to help in this contributed post from Patty Lehan, Senior Director, North America Marketing, BridgeHead Software...



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Business Lessons from HBO’s Silicon Valley

Are you watching season two of HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley? While it’s definitely a fictionalized and exaggerated view, there are familiar elements that resonate with Silicon Valley lifers and newbies alike.



Performance at a Great Price: HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers

367AA Servers.jpg


Business IT needs run the gamut – from such basics as servers, storage and networking for effective IT computing and communication, to more advanced tools and analytics that can help your business do more to sustain long-term growth. Find out how HP ProLiant Gen9 servers can make a difference for your growing business...

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What Will the Classroom of the Future Look Like? – Part II

In this article, Christina Morrison sits down with Greg Herbold, HP's Director of the U.S. Sales Program for Public Sector SLED and discusses specific technologies schools should consider purchasing once their groundwork is set. 


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4 Tips to Improve Time Management and Productivity



You know the cliché because it’s true; time is money. As a business owner, you feel the pressure to work whenever you can. But are you making the most of your time?


Here are a few simple things you can try that can help make you more productive.

Better Network Infrastructure, More Satisfied Customers



Spring cleaning may be in full swing at home, but businesses should consider doing the same for their network to increase connectivity – as well as drive customer growth in the process. Find out how with these expert tips from Terry Ann Fitzgerald, HP Networking…

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5 of Our Favorite Small Business Apps



Running a small business can be a real challenge. Fortunately, our digital age brings with it a bevy of new tools specifically geared towards helping small business owners keep things running smoothly. Here are five of our favorites.

Music Provides a Productivity Boost at Work



Business owners and managers who are looking to both increase employee productivity and boost moral might want to try something that may seem a little counter-intuitive: Allowing employees to pop on their headphones, shut out the office, and listen to music of their choice.

Attract Customers, Loyalty with Smart Storage Solutions

HPStorage2 Marquee.jpg


Customer expectations have changed dramatically over the last several years, and that represents a big opportunity for your growing business. Today’s customers expect every interaction to be quick and responsive – no matter the time or day of the week. Here's how the right storage solution can help your business get there...


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Award-Winning HP ProLiant Servers for SMBs

HPProliant LoRes Crop.jpg 

HP’s goal is to help your business run more efficiently with the right IT hardware, software and services, and when we get accolades for our products, it’s a win for everyone. We were recently awarded several “Best Of” awards for our HP ProLiant servers and towers, which cited them for performance, best-in-class features, and reasonable pricing for growing businesses. Here’s a recap…

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Modern SMB Networks Help Business Productivity Thrive

HP Networking Feb.jpg


As with our personal resolutions, goals are just as important when it comes to a business to re-assess what works and what needs improvement. Terry Ann Fitzgerald, HP Networking, explains how evaluating your IT, especially your network, can help you boost productivity – and help you meet business goals…

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What Will the Classroom of the Future Look Like?

Christina Morrison sat down with Greg Herbold, HP’s Director of U.S. Sales Programs for Public Sector SLED and launched right into a loaded question: What’s your take on what the classroom of the future will look like? Here’s what he had to say.




HP Officejet Pro X Series Printers Continue the Tradition

Buyer's Laboratory LLC performed independent tests comparing HP Officejet Pro X series printers with leading competitive color laser printers in electricity consumption and supplies waste, and the results are exciting.





HP & Microsoft Lync: Communication for Better Productivity



According to the PWC Good to Grow 2014 US CEO Survey, more than 86 percent of company leaders think that “advanced information technologies will play a substantial role in transforming their business over the next five years.” Let us help you connect to anyone -- from your home, your office or while you’re on the road -- with the right strategy and communications tools that will also improve overall productivity...

3 Questions to Ask When Updating a Network

Networking Jan.jpg


The New Year is a fresh start for businesses to hit the ground running – a fresh start, so to speak. Crucial connectivity is a necessity for all business sizes. We understand this, and HP’s Just Right IT portfolio offers many solutions. Learn more from Terry Ann Fitzgerald, HP Networking…

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