What do “The Woz” and Workstations Have in Common besides the Letter W?

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Fusion-io is collaborating with HP on a new solution for designers. This week at the National Association of Broadcasters Tradeshow, Fusion-io announced that it is integrating the Fusion ioFX into the award-winning HP Z820, Z620 and Z420 Workstations.


Steve Wozniak, Fusion-io Chief Scientist and the designer of the Apple 2 – the first personal computer to display color graphics – took the stage to tout the accelerated performance that the new solutions can deliver for deadline-driven designers. The integration of Fusion ioFX into HP Workstations gives rise to the ultimate machine for creative professionals who demand top performance and reliability when creating everything from visual effects to blockbuster films.


Thinking Beyond the Next “K”

The new solution will move beyond the performance limitations and bottlenecks of traditional systems, so that 2, 4, and 6K applications such as Adobe, Assimilate, and The Foundry can be accessed interactively--a huge boon for digital content creators. Designers will be able to manipulate stereoscopic content in real time, resulting in decreased application wait times in HP Z Workstations.


Putting the “Woz” into Workstations

“The Fusion ioFX brings the intelligence of the Fusion-io approach to HP’s incredible workstations, adding even more powerful application performance to the precision engineering HP is known for around the world,” said Wozniak.

These integrated solutions will offer ideal development platforms for professional artists in visual effects, digital content creation and computer-aided design (CAD).


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