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There’s no question that it’s been a long road for HP in recent years – we haven’t been called a company in transformation for nothing. Today, that transformation is paying off in many ways, and our efforts on the sales front have been a big contributor.


We know that technology makes lives – and businesses – better. We’ve also discovered that combining the platform and its key components (Sales Cloud, Salesforce with our hardware (Slate 10 HD, Slate 7 Extreme, Slate 8 Pro – and eventually the Slate 7HD – the result will be an even more powerful transformation in the future.


Find out how we’re using, HP Slate hardware and our software tools for success – and get ideas on how they can help in your business success, too…  


1. Go mobile – get sales

Mobile isn’t the future – it’s now. That’s not surprising, given that a 2011 Cisco study predicted 50 billion Internet-connected devices by 2020. When we designed our tablet portfolio, efficient cloud collaboration anywhere there was internet connectivity was a priority. This includes the Slate 10 HD, the Slate 7 Extreme, the Slate 8 Pro, and the upcoming Slate 7 HD.


When we designed the Slate 7HD, Slate 10 HD, Slate 7 Extreme, and the Slate 8 Pro, making sure that businesses had the ability to get efficient cloud collaboration anywhere there was Internet connectivity was a priority.


We put ourselves in the shoes of multiple audiences and sales teams and considered how they’d use the platform in their business, and what would work best. With easy access to ePrint for getting contracts signed on the fly and go-to business apps, HP’s tablets have proven that the combination of Salesforce and our sales force is a winner. That combo can have the same benefits for your business, too.


2. Start with inside sales

The inside sales role is critical as companies tighten budgets and review cost per sale figures, and as the number of automated B2B transactions rise, we’ve taken a closer look into reinventing the role of the enterprise inside sales rep.


Any change requires focus, engagement and communication at all levels and it doesn’t happen overnight. has proven to be an invaluable tool, with and Sales Cloud helping us to better communicate for stronger results.


3. Making big data more accessible

Big data is a big buzzword, but what’s the best way to use it to your advantage? For HP, the dynamic duo of and HP IDOL (intelligent data operating layer) has served as a system of checks and balances to make sure we spend money, time and people resources in the right way.


We have no doubt that we are delivering the right customer information at the right time and getting the outcomes we want. After all, what’s the point of big data if you can’t turn it into big ideas and lucrative sales?


4. Develop + test + deploy = win

Demand is growing to improve deliverables and quality faster. In our search for the best approach, we combined project management software in with HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP-ALM). HP-ALM supports testing through all product development cycles.


We used to manage the releases and HP-ALM to test before production. The combination helped HP become the first company to deploy more than 30,000 users to in 12 months – the shortest ever timeframe for Salesforce and the highest adoption rate for us – 95 percent and rising.


5. A better customer experience

Success is measured in sales, results and bottom line revenue, but also by connections. Without connections and great customer service, repeat customers don’t repeat.


The platform helps us make those connections and take action, such as monitoring customer sentiment. We can also connect with customers and partners in ways we couldn’t before – and that’s a win in any scenario.


“Making it matter” to us starts with first making it matter to our customers and partners, and that’s where technology and has helped give us an edge. It also helps us better reinforce our brand promise to make our technology work for your needs – and for your customers.


Find out more: See our companion post on the blog. You can see Salesforce in action on the Slate 7, Slate 10 HD, and the Slate 8 Pro at the HP Dreamforce booth at Dreamforce 2013 – and get a closer look at how your company can transform its own sales process. We’ll also talk about our experiences with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Chatter during special product keynotes at Dreamforce.

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on ‎08-18-2017 02:34 AM

2017 and 2018 Calendar Printable 2018 printable calendar template Monthly Calendar 2018 Editable Calendar 2018 Any change requires focus, engagement and communication at all levels and it doesn’t happen overnight. has proven to be an invaluable tool, with and Sales Cloud helping us to better communicate for stronger results.

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