Update on TouchPad Availability

We have had an enthusiastic response to the TouchPad price drop, and we understand that many customers were disappointed that HP and our retail partners ran out of supply so fast.


I posted an FAQ on The Next Bench this morning that addresses some of the common questions we’re seeing from customers. A portion of that post provides detail on the status of orders placed on our Small & Medium Business online store.


See those excerpts below. If you’d like to read the full update, please head on over to this post on The Next Bench. 


More Information about Online Orders from HP’s Small & Medium Business store…


Q: I ordered from the HP SMB Store during the promotion but the discounted price was not reflected in my cart/order confirmation page/invoice.  Is HP honoring the discount price?

Yes, some of our SMB customers may have experienced a pricing error while purchasing on August 20th and 21st. We are in the process of ensuring every order is honored at the discounted price.  Most orders are being manually updated to reflect accurate pricing, prior to invoicing being sent.  However, for those orders that have already shipped and invoiced, a credit will be applied for the difference and a revised invoice sent.


Q: I placed my order online with HP’s SMB Store.  How do I confirm that it was received?

For orders placed after 4am CT on Monday 22nd August, the US SMB Store had already sold out of the HP TouchPad. We are unable to fulfill these orders and they have been cancelled.  If you saw a reserve hold for the amount of your order on your credit card, no actual charges have been made and this reserve hold will be released now that the order has been cancelled.


If you placed an order prior to 4am CT Monday, August 22, we are working through the large volume of orders, verifying payment details and seeking to source inventory for fulfillment.  This process is taking longer than first anticipated. At this time, we cannot guarantee supply for all of these orders but are working to fulfill as many orders as possible. If you saw a reserve hold for the amount of your order on your credit card and your order cannot be fulfilled, no actual charges have been made, and this reserve hold will be released if the order is cancelled.


You can check your order status here.  If your order is not recognized, please check your order status again the next business day. When inventory has been allocated the status will change to “shipped.”   Please note that planned ship and delivery dates on the order status page are not accurate for TouchPad orders. You can only be certain that we have identified a unit to fulfill your order once the order status shows a shipment tracking number.


Q: Why was my order canceled from HP Small & Medium Business Store?

If you placed an order for a HP TouchPad on Monday, August 22nd through Wednesday, August 24th, this was after a Sold Out message was posted on our webstore. All of these orders are being cancelled.  If you saw a reserve hold for the amount of your order on your credit card, no actual charges have been made and this reserve hold will be released as soon as the order is canceled.


There are several reasons that your order would have been canceled if you placed it on Saturday, August 20th or Sunday, August 21st, such as a duplicate order found or billing issues on the account.  If you believe your order was canceled in error, please contact an HP Customer Service Representative at 1-866-625-0242 (Dial option #3) or via Email Customer Service option who will be happy to assist you. Please be aware that we are experiencing significant call volumes with extended wait times, so we ask for your patience.

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by jsinclair4
on ‎08-30-2011 07:03 AM

It's amazing that a company as large as HP can't give information about an order placed over a week ago except to say 'admin' and the order info has been received. If they couldn't fulfill the orders that people placed, they should have taken down the order page. Most people that ordered it after me have received e-mails or even their products and HP hasn't tried to keep me in the loop of what is happening. Someone help...

by RMCee
on ‎08-30-2011 08:16 AM

It is very unsettling that HP SMB does not have a better handle on the TP orders placed the weekend of 08/20/11.  Here it is 11 days later and still unable to provide accurate information. Quite sad really, a big company like this in the dark about their own operations. 

by landon_sf
on ‎08-30-2011 08:53 AM

I called Small/Medium Buisness support this morning to follow up on my confirmed TouchPad order. The woman said that since HP SMB is now out of stock they are manufacturing new devices in China to fufill conformed orders. She said the wait for shipment would now be 6-8 weeks. Is this true and is it possible for me to cancel my order still? That's a completely different story then we were being told before and it seems crazy that HP would manufacture new hardware at a loss?

by marcus5372
on ‎08-30-2011 12:08 PM

This is VERY frustrating!!  I was signed up for the email notification at BOTH of my email addresses:  marcus5372@yahoo.com ANDmy work email.  I did not receive the email notification today.  I am very upset as I have been following carefully and went to the notification page many times, but was ALREADY signed up twice, so I never did it a thrid time.  Can you please do something about this?!  I was signed up and was told I would be notified!  Why didn't I get the message today?

on ‎08-30-2011 12:15 PM

I never recieved my notification email? has it already been sent?

by Christopher
on ‎08-30-2011 12:48 PM

Before I say anything else, allow me to preface my comments by saying that I did manage to get my Touchpads from Best Buy.  I got them the difficult way, (by camping out all night) but I am now the proud owner of two - one for me and one for my wife.  Full disclosure.


However, I can honestly say that the hype is correct and if it takes a little patience for another opportunity to buy one for my daughter (who now insists she have one too,) and maybe another as a gift for Christmas it is definitely worth the wait.


If you've never owned a tablet before, this is an excellent entry point on a wonderful device.  It's not perfect, but far from the awful the critics claim it to be.  And please, don't be fooled as I was from the way Apple advertises their Ipad.  These devices are capable of being very productive as they free you from many office-binding issues.  Case in point, I'm typing this comment on my Touchpad and I am far from my office.


In short, save your pennies and buy some patience - the HP Touchpad is well worth it.

by kkhan1999
on ‎08-30-2011 12:54 PM

I tried to buy it through SMB and my order was cancelled and now i am trying to sign up for notification but there is no option to sign up on the page anymore. How will anyone know when the new ones are available to purchase? Why cant you make this process easier 

by snook50
on ‎08-30-2011 01:03 PM

I placed my name on the order list but did not receive an email. Does this mean I will not be allowed to purchase a touch-pad?

by rollbob
on ‎08-30-2011 03:30 PM

I didn't even know HP made a tablet Touch-pad, till all the news that they were going to stop making them. Wife has Apple tablet iPad2 but I don't like the feel of it in my BIG hands.

Since Viet Nam being put in wheelchair I've been growing. Shoes size went from 11 to now 17. Hat size 8 or 2X, arms are now  33 to  37" chest 52", waist,,, well say it's more then chest, height  from 5' 10" now 6' 6".

VA says they will give me a computer free. That was more then five years age. Buddy got Sony laptop.

Nice but a tablet would be nicer, don't have that fold in back. I don't mind paying for one but wife paid $800 + for iPad2. eek ! !

Thank you HP for doing another production run for us none tech people. 

by kirkzp
on ‎08-30-2011 03:52 PM


How do we get added to the waiting list.  I spent 5 hours on-line trying to buy from HP while simultaneously trying to buy through other sources.  Data Vision told me they had inventory, so I gave up on the HP online efforts---but then today Data Vision reneged on my order.  I really wish to buy one.

Thanks, kirkzp 

by firelass
‎08-30-2011 04:32 PM - edited ‎08-30-2011 04:33 PM

I signed up to be notified of updates and or if any more stock became available, but haven't received any notifications, and certainly not the one that ent out today..no special offer..nothing. It's especially frustrating too, to see these things on sites like Ebay and Craigslist at ridiculous prices because people were able to purchase several at a time. It would have been nice if  HP would have put a limit on the number sold to any individual to give more of us a change at getting one. 

by sloane8282
on ‎08-30-2011 05:14 PM

Ok, I missed out since I was busy with Dog rescue.. so can we pre pay for an order ??

by unclebill
on ‎08-30-2011 06:05 PM


I don't have a sob story but I feel stupid that I hadn't heard of this touchpad until an email from cnet today. I apologize to HP for not reading every sales email I get. If I'm now reading all the info correctly there are no more sign ups for future notification of the next and final availability. I would just like one(1) $99 touchpad. Is there a next best approach to getting on the list? Thanks.




by ensparqe
on ‎08-30-2011 08:47 PM

Hi Mark,


Thanks to you and Bryna for being there for us customers!


I have three questions:



1) Any info re: the 64GB model being available (or not) in the next wave & if so, at what price?



2) Will we be able to order our Touchpad from the Australian HP webstore once they're available?



3) Any news on availability of the Touchpad accessories in Australia, either via HP webstore or authorised resellers?





(copy pasting from the earlier article, can't seem to find it now)

by Akaline5
on ‎08-31-2011 05:20 AM

How can we get added to the list?  I dont see the link to sign up! Any clue?

by kelkin
on ‎08-31-2011 07:20 AM

I too signed up with two different address just to make sure I received them, it's now 8/31 and I haven't recived a single communication from HP. They're full of it, clearly their marketing department is just spouting a bunch of fluff.. there are no actions behind their statements..

by rickhalperin
on ‎08-31-2011 10:38 AM

I could not figure out how to get on the wait list when this deal was first announced.  Now that there will apparently be more I would like to order 3 for my company. How do I make sure you have added me to the list and that you will email me availability?  I do not have time to check the website everyday.



by mike_bazzi
on ‎08-31-2011 10:58 AM

how can i sign up to recieve an email?

by peeralexieff
on ‎08-31-2011 06:27 PM

i would like to be sent email when new touchpads will be available

by Blackcenturion
on ‎08-31-2011 08:40 PM
Let me know when the touchpads are going to be available.
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