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I’m back from my long trek through Europe and happy to follow up here on my last post, HP Storage Options Deliver Increased Productivity.  On this leg of my blog journey, I want to take on another important topic: storage efficiency.

Depending on who you ask, storage capacity has been growing on average 40% a year.  With flat or only slightly higher IT budgets, how can you keep up with that kind of growth?  I’d like to share with you a few ideas that I think can help.


Software-defined storage

I’m leery to throw around over-used terms.  Software-defined storage is getting a lot of hype these days, especially in the context of server virtualization like VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.  At HP Discover in early June, I did an interview with Kate Davis who is focused on software-defined storage at HP.  It’s a good introduction to what it is.




I want to hit on something Kate and I talked about because it’s an important point that is key to gaining efficiency.  Software-defined storage is an abstraction layer of data services that is put on top of commodity hardware and delivers new storage functionality.  Let me unpack that for you: 

  • “Abstraction layer” – It’s software that you install.
  • “… of data services” – This is basically the things that a storage device does like local replication, remote replication, even backup and recovery.
  • “… that is put on top of commodity hardware” – Everyone has servers with internal storage that isn’t being fully utilized.  At HP, we can help you leverage that hardware, whether it’s  HP ProLiant, Dell, Lenova or other servers. The storage can either be unused internal server storage or direct-attached storage
  • “… and deliver new storage functionality.”  I’ll talk more about this in a moment but imagine if you can unlock those resources and put them to use – that is efficiency!

With that brief overview of software-defined storage, I’m moving on to a concrete examples of how we can help you take advantage of unused capacity.


Software-defined storage in real life with StoreVirtual VSA

With HP StoreVirtual VSA, you can transform unused capacity into a fully featured shared storage array—without the cost and complexity associated with dedicated storage.  The beautiful thing about the StoreVirtual VSA is it looks like an iSCSI array on the network, so any physical or virtualized server can store its data on the StoreVirtual VSA volumes.  And you can run StoreVirtual VSA on either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere.

StoreVirtual VSA helps put unused capacity to use and reduces costs to:

  • Deploy resilient shared storage at up to 80% less cost than with traditional storage arrays
  • Eliminate the need for physical arrays and reduce datacenter footprint by 50%
  • Gain back 60% savings in energy costs by taking advantage of a converged solution


Dive deeper and get a full-featured trial version

I’ve really only scratched the surface on the topic of software-defined storage.  Here are a few resources where you can learn more:

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