To Be is to Do: HP MagCloud Helps SMB Retailer, TOOBYDOO, Turn Philosophy into Children’s Fashion


What do philosophers Plato and Sartre’s have to do with fashion?


Tobydoo2.jpgTheir famous quote, “to be, is to do”, is the inspiration behind the name of children’s designer label, TOOBYDOO. The label embodies the style and spirit of the exploring kid and the world of TOOBYDOO is ‘go happy, go lucky’ with ‘to be, do!’ attitude.


To understand more about TOOBYDOO’s unique business philosophy, we sat down with TOOBYDOO founder and designer, Paul Lips, to learn how this four-person shop (including two interns) has grown into a thriving small business, with a popular fashion line that is now sold in nearly 200 luxury retailers and boutiques across the U.S.


Founded in 2009, the line was immediately picked up in New York by department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys and in the past year has greatly increased sales and boosted brand name recognition. Lips shared that an important ingredient to the brand’s success has been using HP MagCloud to publish and distribute high quality, professional publications at an affordable cost. The print and digital brochures are the perfect way to quickly showcase the clothing line’s modern, urban and sophisticated design aimed at active children.


Toobydoo2.jpgReferred to MagCloud by renowned photographer Andrew French, TOOBYDOO began producing digital look books, line sheets and marketing brochures in 2009.The publications are printed and distributed to showrooms in New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and Boston and have proven to be very successful in the company’s email marketing campaigns.


Lips says, “HP MagCloud is easy to use and it’s the quickest way to get from idea to product – and speed is very important for us.”


When asked about the quality of MagCloud publications, Lips responded simply, “sublime!”


Invented by HP, MagCloud takes on the heavy lifting for fashion and jewelry designers, retailers, artisans and more by providing automated ordering, print management and distribution services all free of charge. Whether ordering one or 1,000 copies, there are no up-front costs, no minimum orders and MagCloud will distribute publications all over the world in print or digital format. And the whole process only takes three days!


For more information about HP’s MagCloud and to view TOOBYDOO fashion, click here.

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